Integrating the Web, Apps, and Beacons

Bluetooth Beacons, they’re all the rage.  Retail stores use them to broadcast offers to customers. Subway stations and other locations with limited connectivity use Bluetooth Beacons to broadcast location information to travelers and commuters. 

Whether aiding us in a subway station, guiding people to their favorite exhibits in a museum, or ushering passengers through unfamiliar airports to local services and connecting flights, Bluetooth Beacons are a basic element as we build Smart Cities and define IoT structures. But how do we integrate beacons into our computerized infrastructures? 

The Bluetooth SIG’s new Practical Beacon Kit is a great way to learn about potential solutions. This new developer kit is designed for developers with some knowledge of beacon technology. The kit explores ways of integrating beacon solutions with both web based and mobile based applications. 

If you are interested in learning more about beacons and how to integrate them into your application infrastructure, download the Practical Beacon Kit today!

Download the Kit

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