This Wearable is Changing How
Endurance Athletes Train

On this week’s episode of IoT Podcast with Stacey Higginbotham, Alessandro Babini, the CEO of Bluetooth SIG member company Humon, had the opportunity to talk about the benefits the Humon Beta wearable delivers to athletes. The Humon wearable helps endurance athletes train smarter by monitoring the way their muscles are using oxygen in real-time.

The wearable straps onto the athlete’s thigh and pairs via Bluetooth® technology with your smartphone to monitor your muscle oxygenation level, making recommendations partly based on your real-time muscle oxygenation range. Humon chose to use Bluetooth in its wearable because of the technology’s flexibility, reliability, and ubiquity. At the SIG’s discover blue media event last month, Humon met with influential technology editors (most of which are also athletes) to demonstrate how Bluetooth is helping many early stage companies bring the next generation of wearable technology to market.

Learn more about how the Humon wearable is changing the way endurance athletes train by tuning into Stacey’s latest IoT Podcast:

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