How the Bluetooth Community Made
Light + Building Blue

Recently, we provided some early news about new Bluetooth® mesh innovations on display at Light + Building. This year, attendees had an opportunity to see firsthand why Bluetooth mesh is poised to be the clear choice for powering smart lighting and smart building services. A new range of Bluetooth products that integrate lighting and networked building services were on display.

Bluetooth mesh is the clear choice for powering smart lighting and smart building services.

Here are some additional highlights from Light + Building since our last update:

    • Tuya Smart Makes its Presence in Light + Building; Smart Lighting Solution Enjoys a Popularity Boom. Tuya Smart showcased a new Bluetooth mesh light matrix that can control light color and brightness.
    • Murata partners with Silvair to launch fixture-integrated sensor with Bluetooth® mesh connectivity. The Murata fixture-integrated sensor is one of the new commercially available products with Bluetooth mesh connectivity for professional lighting. 
    • Light + Building 2018: Human-Centric Lights for Smart Living. Nimbus LED lights can be easily controlled and dimmed remotely via smartphone or tablet using a Bluetooth connection. 

If Light + Building is any indication, Bluetooth mesh will continue to significantly impact the smart building market in 2018 and beyond. To learn more about the future of Bluetooth technology, including forecasts and tends, download the 2018 Bluetooth Market Update.


Bluetooth Mesh Networking: Paving the Way for Smart Lighting

Bluetooth mesh networking brings the multi-vendor interoperability, low power, and low latency pedigree of Bluetooth Low Energy to the world of commercial lighting. Discover how this innovative technology can turn wireless connectivity into a smart lighting wireless platform.


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