Dont Panic Just Use Your Bluetooth
Emergency Button

The idea of a panic button has changed over the years, and we’re not complaining. While stereotypically reserved for certain population segments—the elderly, for example, or women confronted with danger in a city—now emergency buttons make good sense for many of us. Whether you’re hiking, running, or biking alone; going on a blind date; exploring a new city solo; or experiencing a college campus for the first time, the ability to alert friends or authorities if you need help can be hugely comforting.

Bluetooth® technology to the rescue.

The new React Mobile app turns your smartphone into an emergency beacon that is easy to activate with the companion Bluetooth enabled Sidekick device.

The straightforward app has three buttons—red, yellow, and green—that you use to show your status to previously customized emergency contacts. Green shows you’re safe. Flip it to yellow to allow your contacts to follow your movements if you’d like to be tracked (say, while hiking or running alone). If you feel you’re in danger—even if your phone is locked or out of reach—simply push the button on the handy Sidekick device (which you can attach to a key chain or clip onto your clothing) to switch the React Mobile app to red alert.

The Sidekick uses low-energy Bluetooth Smart technology to communicate with your smartphone. One click of the button and your emergency contact list—including the authorities, if you choose— is immediately alerted. You can even choose to include your Facebook or Twitter feed.

The React Sidekick, which was originally funded on Kickstarter, sells for $59.99. Visit to learn more.