The Bluetooth Secure Gateway
Connects You To The Cloud

The world, she is a changin’ and technology is moving faster than any time I can remember. In my lifetime, we’ve seen personal computers give way to cell phones. We’ve seen the rise of the Internet as the integral fabric of our lives. And we’ve seen the rise of Justin Bieber. Wow, some things you just want to un-invent.

What the Future Holds

When I take a look at the next five years or so of what I believe will be a theme in technology, one thing REALLY sticks out: connectedness. At Bluetooth®, one of the things we do is help our members create amazing connected experiences. In fact, we’ll be in about 1/3 of all of the wireless connected devices to the Internet of Things over the next several years.

And while most people think that Bluetooth is only for personal area networks, it’s not. It growing like the rest of the technology industry, branching out to encompass scenarios that will be prevalent over the next decade. This is why we have so many great member companies working on mesh and the next major version of Bluetooth.

New Bluetooth Gateway Kit

So, I’m happy to announce the latest kit for developers who want to be a part of this new, bold, connected world! The Bluetooth Secure Gateway walks you through the steps of creating your own Bluetooth gateway so you can connect your Bluetooth devices to the web and control them from virtually anywhere. So instead of needing to be home to control your Bluetooth device (via your phone, tablet, or PC), now you can control that device from hundreds, even thousands of miles away.

The gateway kit summarizes the setup of the gateway, walks you through setting up a web interface to communicate with it, then explains how to navigate and interact with your Bluetooth devices while exploring their services and characteristics in a secure way.

A major part of this hands on lab is how to secure the different elements of the solution:

  • Developers will be exposed to both Bluetooth LE Legacy and Bluetooth LE Secure Connections, allowing for security at the pairing and bonding stage with the gateway
  • Developers will then secure communications between the gateway and a web server using HTTPS connections with the API
  • Finally, access to the web server will be secured using HTTPS connections and user login credentials with the browser

Now, like all of the kits we produce, this is meant to educate developers…but I really hope this one gives you great ideas and inspires you to create interesting solutions. Extending the range of Bluetooth to the cloud is definitely a cool thing. I’d love to know the interesting solutions that you guys come up with!