Beacon Technology with Bluetooth 5

Some of the applications of the Internet of Things are easy for anyone to understand and appreciate, like smart watches or fitness bands, while others require imagination and vision to fully grasp. The latter, like beacon technology, signify our emergence into what was previously only a science-fiction world.

Jakub Krzych is the CEO and co-founder of Estimote, makers of some of the beacon devices that are creating this transition. Estimote’s beacons, which come in size Small and Even Smaller, allow information to transform our everyday lives in ways we may never have thought possible. By sharing data among connected devices, beacons allow us to consume information and receive services in new contexts and new ways.

Interconnectivity is the key. Estimote uses mesh technologies enabled by Bluetooth to allow their beacons to communicate with each other and with nearby devices, from monitors to smartphones. In this video from CES 2017, Jakub explains how Bluetooth 5 makes the deployment and use of beacons easier and more financially viable.

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