Cassia Networks on IoT Podcast

Stacey Higginbotham highlighted Cassia Networks, a Bluetooth SIG member company on IoT Podcast.

Cassia Networks is dedicated to providing customers with the freedom to connect and control Bluetooth® devices throughout the smart home, enterprise, and beyond. Stacey spoke with Van Krueger, VP of U.S. Operations at Cassia Networks, about why Cassia chose to use Bluetooth technology in its products and why interoperability and collaboration are key to achieving this mission.

Bluetooth enables the Cassia Hub, the world’s first Bluetooth Router, to extend range of Bluetooth up to 1,000 feet in open air or penetrate up to three walls. This functionality is key to Cassia’s product line, which aims to develop an ecosystem of Bluetooth devices that can be connected and controlled by a central point, allowing customers to control Bluetooth devices from anywhere in the home or enterprise. Cassia also chose to use Bluetooth as the basis of its products because of the SIG’s dedication to interoperability and collaboration. As one of more than 30,000 member companies, Cassia shares the SIG’s goal of making the IoT accessible to everyone. They contribute to the development of new features and functionality of Bluetooth.

Learn more about Cassia Hub and how it leverages the interoperability of Bluetooth here or at

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