Bluetooth Mesh Networking: The Packet

There are many reasons to believe that Bluetooth mesh networking will be the most successful  low-power IoT standard. Its V1.0 delivers much more than anybody anticipated. It has all essential ingredients, including an extremely deep and flexible application layer (addressed in the Mesh Model and Mesh Device Properties specifications). Before it changes the way things around us communicate, let’s […]

Interoperability for Smart Lighting Platforms

Interoperability is something we take for granted when it comes to Bluetooth® devices – just connect it and forget it. No need to look at a compatibility chart to figure out which Bluetooth enabled speaker will work with which Bluetooth enabled smartphone. Unfortunately, lighting control systems have never been this easy, until now. The Walled […]

Bluetooth Mesh Performance Study

Learn about a large-scale building automation use case that illustrates the impacts of configuration and deployment strategies on a mesh network.

Intro to Bluetooth Power Consumption

This video goes over the basics of power consumption and battery life in Bluetooth LE including power consumption expectations, Bluetooth LE parameters that affect power consumption the most, and how to optimize your Bluetooth LE application to maximize battery life.

Intro to Bluetooth Connections

This video goes over the basics of Bluetooth connections, why they are important, how devices connect with each other, and some of the connection parameters used in managing a connection.

Intro to Bluetooth Advertisements

This video goes over the basics of Bluetooth Advertisements, the different Advertisement types, different parameters (e.g. Advertisement interval), the data that is sent in the Advertisement packet, and the new features related to advertisements that were introduced in version 5.0 of the core specification.