Our History

Ever wonder about the history of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group? Check out the timeline below.


  • SIG announces Bluetooth 5 - new spec quadruples range, doubles speed, increases data broadcasting capacity by 800%
  • Bluetooth introduces new developer kits for the IoT
  • Bluetooth announces Imagine Blue Awards program
  • The SIG hits 30,000 member companies
  • SIG announces a new gateway architecture and toolkit for creating a connection to the cloud
  • SIG introduces the Transport Discovery Service
  • SIG announces Fliegl Tracker as the 2016 Breakthrough Awards overall winner


  • SIG shares its technology roadmap and enhancements for 2016
  • SIG and FIDO Alliance Deliver Two-factor Authentication via Bluetooth with low energy
  • ARM, Broadcom and Plantronics join the Board of Directors
  • Apple joins the Bluetooth SIG as Promoter member
  • SIG announces the launch of the Bluetooth Developer Studio​
  • Fitbit, Google, Under Armour and Lowe's Home Improvement join Bluetooth World as keynote speakers
  • SIG announces the formation of the Smart Mesh Working Group
  • Membership at the Bluetooth SIG hits 27,000 members


  • SIG introduces Bluetooth 4.2​, adds features for IP connectivity, privacy and speed
  • Membership at the Bluetooth SIG hits 24,000 members
  • CNET Joins the Breakthrough Awards as exclusive media partner
  • The SIG expands Bluetooth World to three global event series
  • Dr. Kamil A. Grajski, Qualcomm, joins the SIG Board of Directors
  • Bluetooth hits 90 percent penetration in all mobile phones


  • SIG rolls out Bluetooth 4.1, sets the stage for IoT
  • SIG introduces Application Accelerator for developers
  • Google announced native support for Bluetooth with low energy in Android
  • Minsoo Lee, LG Electronics, joins the SIG Board of Directors
  • Annual Bluetooth® product shipments surpass 2.5 billion*
  • SIG membership surpasses 20,000 companies
  • The SIG launches Bluetooth World


  • Annual Bluetooth product shipments surpass 2 billion*
  • SIG membership surpasses 17,000 companies
  • The SIG launches new resources for app developers 
  • The first Bluetooth with low energy tablets and music players hit the market.
  • SIG Board appoints wireless veteran Mark Powell, as executive director.
  • The SIG announces expansion into sports & fitness markets with new working group and new profiles for real-time running and cycling data monitoring
  • Dr. Steven Gray joins the SIG Board of Directors


  • SIG membership surpasses 15,000 companies
  • The SIG picks a 3D television for its Best of CES award winner
  • Apple and Nordic Semiconductor join the SIG Board of Directors
  • The SIG adopts the first new profile for Bluetooth v4.0 in May
  • Apple releases the first two computers (MacMini and MacBook Air) with Bluetooth v4.0 technology in July
  • Microsoft announces that Windows 8 will support Bluetooth v4.0
  • Apple announces that the new iPhone 4S will support Bluetooth v4.0 and become the first Bluetooth with low energy phone
  • The SIG adopts 29 new Bluetooth v4.0 profiles, services, protocols and prototyping specifications, creating the infrastructure for Bluetooth devices


  • SIG membership surpasses 13,000 companies
  • The Bluetooth SIG headquarters moves to Kirkland, WA, USA
  • The Bluetooth SIG announces the formal adoption of Bluetooth Core Specification Version 4.0 with low energy technology
  • Profile Tuning Suite (PTS)  v4.1 is launched, including Bluetooth low energy technology test suites


  • The SIG adopts Core Specification Version 3.0 HS, making Bluetooth high speed technology a reality
  • The SIG welcomes its 12,000th member
  • The SIG announces the adoption of Bluetooth low energy wireless technology, the hallmark feature in Bluetooth Core Specification Version 4.0


  • The SIG celebrates its 10th anniversary
  • Nearly 2 billion Bluetooth enabled products shipped in 10 years
  • The SIG welcomes its 10,000th member
  • Bluetooth SIG Executive Director Mike Foley is named one of RCR Wireless News Mobile Movers & Shakers for 2008
  • Profile Tuning Suite (PTS) Version 3.0 is released, including automatic updates and further improvements to its report generation capabilities


  • First alarm-clock radio
  • First television
  • The SIG welcomes its 8,000th member
  • Bluetooth SIG Executive Director Mike Foley wins the Telematics Leadership Award
  • PTS Protocol Viewer is released as part of the release of PTS Version 2.1.1 along with a greatly updated user interface and report generation capabilities


  • First sunglasses
  • First watch
  • First picture frame
  • Bluetooth wireless reaches an installed base of 1 billion devices
  • Bluetooth enabled devices ship at a rate of 10 million per week
  • Profile Tuning Suite (PTS)  testing becomes a mandatory part of the Bluetooth product qualification process 
  • The SIG announces it will integrate Bluetooth technology with the WiMedia Alliance version of UWB


  • Product shipments soar to 5 million chipsets per week
  • The SIG welcomes its 4,000th member
  • SIG Headquarters opens in Bellevue, WA; regional offices open in Malmo, Sweden and Hong Kong
  • The SIG launches Profile Testing Suite (PTS)  v1.0, a testing and qualification tool for members developed completely in-house


  • The SIG adopts Core Specification Version 2.0 Enhanced Data Rate (EDR)
  • Bluetooth technology reaches an installed base of 250 million devices
  • Product-shipment rate surpasses 3 million per week
  • First stereo headphones


  • First MP3 player with  Bluetooth technology
  • Bluetooth Core Specification Version 1.2 adopted by the Bluetooth SIG
  • Bluetooth product shipments grow to 1 million per week
  • First FDA-approved Bluetooth medical system


  • First keyboard and mouse combo
  • First GPS receiver
  • Bluetooth wireless qualified products hits 500
  • IEEE approves the 802.15.1 specification to conform with Bluetooth wireless technology
  • First digital camera


  • First printer
  • First laptop
  • First hands-free car kit
  • First hands-free car kit with speech recognition
  • The Bluetooth SIG, Inc. is formed as a not-for-profit, non-stock corporation


  • First mobile phone with  Bluetooth technology comes to market
  • First PC card
  • Prototype mouse and laptop demonstrated at CeBIT 2000
  • Prototype USB dongle shown at COMDEX
  • First chip to integrate radio frequency, baseband, microprocessor functions and Bluetooth wireless software
  • First headset is shipped


  • The Bluetooth 1.0 Specification is released
  • The Bluetooth SIG hosts the first UnPlugFest for member engineers
  • Bluetooth technology is awarded "Best of Show Technology Award" at COMDEX


  • The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is formed with five companies
  • The Bluetooth SIG welcomes its 400th member by the end of the year
  • The name Bluetooth is officially adopted

*ABI Research​​​