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Join over 25,000 companies that belong to the Bluetooth SIG

When you join the Bluetooth SIG, you join a strong organization that can help grow your business and give you the opportunity to influence the direction of Bluetooth® technology. Bluetooth SIG members are crucial to the success and proliferation of Bluetooth technology, and the Bluetooth SIG is crucial to their success.

Products and ideas from our members are fueling the explosion of Bluetooth technology in the marketplace, where more than 2.5 billion Bluetooth enabled products are expected to ship in 2013. Tap into this explosive growth by taking advantage of Bluetooth SIG membership.

  • By the end of 2012 more than 9 Billion Bluetooth enabled devices had shipped worldwide, with an additional 2.5 billion forecasted by the end of 2013.
  • The adoption and market presence of Bluetooth 4.0 is creating a wealth of opportunities across many different industries.
  • Total shipments of Bluetooth 4.0 devices will grow to 2.9 billion per year by 2016.

Who should join?

  • Any company that uses Bluetooth wireless technology in their products, or rebrands Bluetooth enabled technology must become a member of the SIG in order to use the Bluetooth SIG's intellectual property and Bluetooth Brand. (Membership in the Bluetooth SIG is for companies, not for individuals)
  • If you're considering using wireless technology in your products, your membership in the Bluetooth SIG will help you learn more about the technology, network with established Bluetooth experts, and understand how your products can connect to the vast Bluetooth ecosystem.

Bluetooth device shipments
Source: ABI Research

Start with Adopter Membership – it's free

As an Adopter member of Bluetooth SIG, you immediately gain:

  • License to build products using Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • License to use the Bluetooth word mark and logos*.
  • Ability to network & collaborate with over 20,000 Bluetooth SIG members in a wide variety of industries – everything from chip manufacturers to application developers, device makers and service providers.

Take your membership to the next level as an Associate Member

Are you already a member of the Bluetooth SIG and ready to make your business more successful? Take the next step and upgrade your membership to our Associate level.

By upgrading to Associate Member  your company can take full advantage of your relationship with the Bluetooth SIG. Our Associate members have the opportunity to significantly grow their business by realizing substantial financial savings and by engaging in market defining activities with our Bluetooth Groups  (member sign-in required).

  • Influence the direction of the technology and create new business opportunities.
  • Associate Members have a greater ability to drive and influence the direction of Bluetooth technology, and gain early access to specifications through their participation in Bluetooth Groups.

  • Gain an edge on your competition through market intelligence reports.
  • Associate members receive exclusive benefits to market research from ABI Research.

  • Realize significant savings and discounts on SIG products to more efficiently launch your products.
  • Some of the benefits Associate members are granted include a 50% discount on qualification and listing fees and a free PTS testing tool.

What is the Bluetooth SIG?

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is a global trade organization that oversees the development of Bluetooth specifications and the promotion and protection of the Bluetooth brand. Backed by industry leading companies, the Bluetooth SIG empowers over 25,000 member companies to collaborate, innovate and guide Bluetooth wireless technology.

*If compliance with the terms and conditions in the ​Bluetooth Trademark License Agreement and Bluetooth Patent/Copyright License Agreement are satisfied.

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