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​Bluetooth wireless technology is making big breakthroughs in new markets

Automotive Market 


Hundreds of companies are developing innovative automotive products with Bluetooth® wireless technology and changing the way people drive.

Consumer Electronics Market 

Consumer Electronics

Bluetooth devices enhance the digital living room—with everything from featherweight 3D glasses to remote controls with keyboards. See how Bluetooth technology helps you tap into this huge and growing market.

Health & Wellness Market 

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness devices are opening new revenue opportunities every day. With everything from wireless stethoscopes to blood-glucose monitors, Bluetooth is propelling this market to new heights.

Mobile Telephony Market 

Mobile Telephony

Bluetooth technology is in most mobile phones and is radically changing the way billions of people access information and communicate. See how Bluetooth Smart enhances the next generation of phones and opens even more market opportunities.

PC & Peripherals Market 

PC & Peripherals

Bluetooth enabled peripherals for PCs and tablets opens up new market opportunities with everything from high-fidelity, wireless headphones to slim keyboards. See how!

Sports & Fitness Market 

Sports & Fitness

From heart-rate straps pairing directly with smartphones to wireless cycling computers to full-body analyzers, Bluetooth Smart creates new market opportunities for sports and fitness appcessories that work with all kinds of devices.
Smart Home Market 

Smart Home

Tap into new Bluetooth technology markets for the home including home automation, home security, smart energy, and home entertainment.

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