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Stay connected and legal while on the go

Mobile phones are an established and important part of the way people do business and connect with friends and family each day. While staying connected is essential, it's also important for mobile phone users to stay safe for their own sake and the sake of other drivers with whom they share the road.

The laws governing the use of mobile phones while driving are constantly changing, and it can be difficult to keep up.

Hands-Free Laws - StatesideFor complete and up-to-date information on hands-free laws in your area, you can also check with your local government.

Most states now ban texting while driving or holding a phone while driving

Delaware became the 30th state to pass a law outlawing text messaging while driving. The new law also makes it illegal to talk on a mobile phone you hold in your hand while driving.

Laws like this re-iterate the need for everyone to start using hands-free calling systems or Bluetooth® enabled headsets when they drive. Many countries around the world now have similar laws, as shown in the world map above.

Smart driving involves more than just obeying the law

There are many hands-free devices and car systems to help you stay safer while driving and obey your local hands-free laws. But smart driving involves more than just using a hands-free device. Learn how you can avoid becoming a distracted driver.

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