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The opportunity is now

Imagine being able to create a device or app that can easily connect to a vast, unrivalled ecosystem of billions of devices worldwide. 

Never before has there been a bigger opportunity to bring your product to this connected world. Only Bluetooth® technology makes that possible.


Join other industry leaders creating new Bluetooth Smart devices

Some of the world's most successful and innovative companies—Apple, Microsoft, and Google—natively support Bluetooth technology.

The new MacBook Pro Bluetooth Smart Ready laptop

Support in all major operating systems allows companies to roll out innovative new Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready devices.

  • Motorola created the first Bluetooth Smart Ready Android phone
  • Polar released the first Bluetooth Smart heart-rate monitor
  • Industry giants Microsoft, Google, Samsung, Nintendo and Nike are also using Bluetooth technology to connect everything from operating systems for developers to phones, TVs, and shoes for consumers
  • The Samsung Galaxy S III Bluetooth Smart Ready phone is the latest model in the company's hit Galaxy S line
  • Asthmapolis, LUMOback, Parrot®, Cynaps, Jaybird, Beam, Blue Bulb, Nike, GOW, MapMyFitness, Withings, BodyMedia, EPFL, Sensortech, AirTurn, Tethercell, Logitech, Pebble, hipKey, Fitbit, and many, many others introduced cool, state-of-the-art Bluetooth Smart products across all verticals

Better with Bluetooth technology

By developing Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready devices you'll be at the forefront of wireless technology, able to:

  • Reach a wider audience by leveraging a proven and ubiquitous ecosystem of billions of Bluetooth devices in market today
  • Generate new profit opportunities developing ultra-power-efficient wireless devices
  • Increase revenue and customer loyalty with engaging applications that make your products more useful through cloud computing and social connections
  • Tap into a network of more than 19,000 Bluetooth SIG members, including application developers, device makers and service providers

Samsung Galaxy S III
The Samsung Galaxy S III Bluetooth Smart Ready phone is the latest model in the company's hit Galaxy S line

Get started

For more information about how to design and manufacture Bluetooth Smart Ready and Bluetooth Smart devices, visit the Bluetooth Smart devices page on , our site for Bluetooth SIG members.

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