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Using the Bluetooth® trademarks and brand

The most efficient and effective means to assist customers in identifying Bluetooth enabled products is through branding and trademarks.

When used consistently, trade names become a valuable resource in the consumer purchase making decision.

The Bluetooth word mark, figure mark, combination mark, and Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready marks are all trademarks that are owned by the Bluetooth SIG and licensed out for use to companies that are incorporating Bluetooth wireless technology into their products. To become a licensee, a company must become a member of the Bluetooth SIG.

If your company is interested in using the Bluetooth trademarks in relation to qualified products and is not yet a member, please visit  to register for free. 

The Bluetooth SIG also permits use of our trade names for news and editorial usage as well as for educational purposes without license. We encourage the proper usage of our marks as it relates to distinguishing Bluetooth wireless technology as a particular short range wireless technology. To request the Bluetooth trademarks for these purposes, please contact the Brand Manager.

Because the Bluetooth trade name refers to a particular short range wireless specification, consumers should look for the Bluetooth trademarks on product packaging and in marketing materials when buying products that are Bluetooth enabled. Consumers should also verify that their product is properly authorized to bear the Bluetooth marks by purchasing products from companies listed on the Bluetooth SIG member directory .

If you have purchased a product that only bears the Bluetooth trademarks or from a company that is not listed in the member directory, please report a trademark violation .

For all other brand-related questions, please contact the Brand Manager.

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