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Imagine filling your life with Music

By Jackie Zack

Imagine filling your living room with music, streaming tunes from your mobile phone or MP3 player to your home stereo system with the ability to change the selection from any room. Or how about listening to your favorite songs while running on the treadmill – with your phone or MP3 player still zipped inside your gym bag?

Thanks to Bluetooth® wireless technology, you can do both and so much more, making your music library as portable and flexible as you want it to be.

Pick a Device

Bluetooth enabled music players offer the ability to wirelessly stream music to other Bluetooth enabled devices equipped with the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), including headphones, speakers, car stereo systems, PCs, phones and other MP3 players. Some manufacturers are also integrating the technology into bicycle, motorcycle, snowboard and other activity helmets that have built-in stereo headphones.

By far, the most popular Bluetooth enabled music use case is that of using wireless headphones or speakers to listen to tunes on a mobile phone or MP3 player.

But whatever devices you use, the process of pairing them and streaming music follows the same basic steps.

Can You Connect?

First, make sure that your MP3-capable mobile phone or MP3 player is Bluetooth enabled and is equipped with A2DP, which ensures successful pairings for high-quality stereo audio. 

If your media player does not have built-in Bluetooth technology, there are plenty of Bluetooth wireless adapters on the market designed for this purpose. In many cases, you can purchase the adapter bundled with other wireless peripherals, such as headphones or speakers.

Prepare to Pair

Next, fully charge the devices and turn on the Bluetooth functionality in your phone or MP3 player. If you are using an adapter, plug this into the music player as per the directions; adapters and headphones or other bundled devices are often pre-paired, so all you need to do is hold down the sync buttons on both adapter and device until the connection is recognized.

If you are pairing a peripheral with a Bluetooth enabled music player without the use of an adapter, put the peripheral (e.g., headphones) in pairing mode. The player will search for a list of other Bluetooth enabled devices in the area, allowing you to select and connect with the device you want. Once your devices are paired, let the music play.

You can follow the same basic procedures to connect virtually any devices that use Bluetooth technology and A2DP (some limitations apply): mobile phone to car stereo, MP3 player to PC, PC to wireless speakers, MP3 to wireless headphones, and so on.

The question isn't whether you can take your music with you, but which device you use to do it. With so many options, the choice could prove as tough as picking which song to play.

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