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Track all your workouts and performances while on the go.

Today's athletes – amateurs and professionals – are eager to improve fitness results. Bluetooth® wireless technology makes it possible to get accurate feedback and a clear record of training efforts. Once an athlete understands how the body functions during workouts, then adjustments can be made to improve the next workout. Heart rate monitors, watches, sleep monitors, foot pods, GPS locators and pedometers are just a few of the sensor-type devices helping athletes get better results.

Polar H7 heart rate monitor 

Heart rate monitors

Track your heart rate on your smartphone while you work out and analyze the data afterward with an app on your phone or online. Bluetooth Smart devices like the Polar H7 connects your heart rate monitor to a smartphone without a dongle.

Body Monitor 

Body Monitors

Track your daily workout habits and your sleeping patterns using an all-in-one fitness device like BodyMedia's FIT.


Stereo Headphones

The last thing you need to worry about while working out or training is getting tangled up in your headphones. Enjoy your workout by staying pumped up with your playlist and without coming unplugged.

PC and Laptop 

Computers & Tablets 

Send your workout information to your laptop or tablet directly from your mobile device or performance monitor.

Mobile Phone 


Update your stats on the go. Body sensors, heart monitors, sleep monitors, pedometers and more automatically synchronize your stats even when you aren't near a computer. Get apps to help track your distance and keep up-to-date on your training progress.

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