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Demand for Bluetooth Smart Fitness Devices Exploding

Bluetooth® Smart is dramatically shrinking the size and power requirements of sensors able to measure pace, pulse, cadence, distance, and other workout information. Sensors that operate for months or even years with just a tiny battery are leading to a new wave of sports and fitness devices that help consumers track their workouts and athletic performance.

Standards-based and power efficient, Bluetooth Smart enables manufacturers to develop devices that collect data, then securely connect with the billions of smartphones and tablets consumers already own. Companies can easily develop applications that are stored on the smartphone or tablet and turn the data into valuable information that can be viewed real time while a person is exercising or after their workout.

This innovation is driving explosive growth in the market. According to ABI Research, shipments of Bluetooth enabled sports and fitness devices are forecast to grow tenfold from 2012 to 2016, and reach over 110 million devices shipped per year by 2018.

Shrinking sensors opening up new market opportunities

The ability of Bluetooth Smart to shrink the size of sports and fitness devices will create great opportunities. Sensors in basketballs, soccer balls, tennis rackets, insoles, athletic clothing—monitor everything in real-time so you can use data to perform at the top of your game.


New workout devices creating demand for fitness apps 

Fitness app on a phoneAll of this workout data creates demand for new applications to analyze a wealth of exercise information. Bluetooth Smart technology sends the workout data wirelessly to any Bluetooth Smart compatible phone or tablet. From there, consumers can view the results, and securely share online with personal trainers, friends, or anyone they want.

Bluetooth Smart wearable and other sensor devices have already begun to penetrate the market. In fact, an ON World survey predicts that one in five Americans will own a wearable technology product by 2015.

Innovative new products that have launched include:

  • Heart-rate monitors that connect to a Bluetooth Smart compatible phone, tablet or treadmill
  • Cycling sensors that send speed, route, and other performance data wirelessly to a compatible phone
  • A Golf club with a Bluetooth Smart sensor that can send swing speed, trajectory and distance information to a compatible phone
  • A Bluetooth Smart enabled basketball that can provide shooting speed, arc, dribbling performance and more to a compatible tablet or smartphone

"Mobile integrated wireless body area network technologies such as Bluetooth Smart have made wearable technologies appealing to mainstream consumers" says Mareca Hatler, ON World's research Director. "Fitness continues to be the primary driver..."

Don't miss out on this opportunity

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