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Bluetooth® Smart device information for press and analysts

Bluetooth Smart devices—a bigger, better Bluetooth technology

Recent advancements in Bluetooth technology have expanded the market opportunity for manufacturers and application developers while letting them capture the imagination of consumers. To ensure compatibility among the many devices soon hitting store shelves, the Bluetooth SIG created Bluetooth Smart marks.

While the logos will provide guidance to consumers on device compatibility, it's what goes into earning that logo that really makes the news. Bluetooth Smart Ready devices—hubs like phones, PCs, tablets and TVs—must not only include the Bluetooth v4.0 radio, but also must allow consumers to update the software on each device.

Just like a consumer might look for camera or printer drivers to get those devices to work with their PC, they can look for updates to their Bluetooth Smart Ready device to ensure compatibility with a newly purchased Bluetooth Smart device, like a heart rate monitor or pedometer.

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We're happy to answer questions you may have about this news. Here is a list of Bluetooth SIG media contacts. In the meantime, here are some resources to help you learn about Bluetooth Smart devices and the new Bluetooth Smart logos:

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