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Bluetooth Technology Makes Wireless Home Automation Possible

Bluetooth® Smart is the ideal wireless home automation technology. While it’s been the next big thing for the past 50 years, wireless home automation is finally showing signs of going mainstream and Bluetooth Smart technology is making it happen. Standards-based and low-power, Bluetooth Smart enables companies to develop devices and applications that can securely connect with the billions of smartphones, tablets and computers consumers already own. This is driving explosive growth in the market— according to ABI Research, shipments of Bluetooth Smart devices in smart home is forecast to reach over 114 million in 2018, making it one of the top wireless sensor network technologies around. In fact, Bluetooth Smart’s market share for smart home applications such as lighting, security and energy management is forecast to increase the fastest of any wireless technology over the next five years.

Bluetooth Smart is creating endless possibilities for the smart home both in energy management and home automation. Read the eBook and join the smart home movement.

Smart Home HubEnergy Management Made Easy

Smart home devices can help homeowners save money and use less energy. Rising natural gas, heating oil, and electricity costs have people more concerned than ever about energy use in the home. Smart meters can send real-time information about energy consumption directly to homeowners, helping them conserve energy and save on their utility bills.

For example, homeowners can use their Bluetooth Smart compatible smart phone, tablet or PC to monitor and adjust their heat and air conditioning. The sophisticated displays and applications on today's phones and other hub computing devices can make it easy to control all the appliances and systems throughout a smart home.

These Bluetooth Smart compatible smartphones or tablets can help homeowners fine tune their energy use by scheduling power-hungry appliances to use electricity when prices are lowest. A new generation of smart washers, dryers, dishwashers, and other appliances can take the guesswork out of when to use them, by automatically turning on when energy costs are at their lowest. Homeowners will be able to control all of these appliances using a Bluetooth Smart compatible phone, tablet, laptop or TV.

Smart Home Lock

Home Automation for Everyone

With a phone, tablet, or laptop in hand, homeowners can control the lights, temperature, household appliances, window and door locks and security systems in their home. Since most homeowners already have at least one Bluetooth Smart compatible smartphone or tablet, they can do this with devices they're already familiar with and know how to use.

People can monitor and control everything from their home security system and lighting to door and window locks with user-friendly applications. They can even simplify daily tasks by setting up alerts about their home to be sent to their smartphone.

Imagine the possibilities: Bluetooth Smart sensors for temperature, lights, doors, windows, motion detection, and more— collecting and wirelessly sharing data with applications stored directly on Bluetooth Smart compatible devices or in the cloud. It’s the future of home automation, and it’s here now.

Don't Miss Out on this Growing Market

Discover the future of home automation today with Bluetooth Smart. To learn about the smart home, download the eBook, "Join the Smart Home Movement."​

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