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Bluetooth turns your house into a home

Bluetooth® Smart technology makes it possible for locks, lights, thermostats and many more home products to connect to the Bluetooth ecosystem turning your house into a smart home.


Bluetooth wireless devices offer a painless path to control lights, temperature, household appliances, window and door locks, security systems, and more. You can monitor and control everything you care about, from baby's naptime temperature, to tonight's meal, even household security. 

Bluetooth Smart gives you complete control, and ultimately delivers the satisfaction of full interoperability in the home.

Smart Energy

Bluetooth Smart provides secure wireless communication and allows users to accurately control energy use remotely from their smart devices.Zuli-smartplug Doors can be locked and unlocked using a smartphone as the key. Lights, temperature  and even outlet plugs that estimate electricity cost can be monitored and controlled via Bluetooth Smart.



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