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Make your home wireless and life more convenient

Home Automation

With all its gadgetry and electronics, modern life offers many choices. So many, in fact, that we need to find some way to simplify, returning control to the consumer.

Bluetooth® wireless devices in the home offer a painless path to control lights, temperature, household appliances, window and door locks, security systems, and more. You can monitor and control everything you care about, from baby's nap-time temperature, to tonight's meal, to household security. You can also simplify daily tasks with alerts sent to your PC or mobile phone.

Wireless home energy monitorSmart Energy

Energy prices keep going up. Efficient use is a priority for everyone.

As intelligent energy delivery evolves, two-way communication will allow smart meters to send real-time energy consumption data directly to the user.

Bluetooth low energy technology provides secure wireless communication that ensures accurate metering and control of electricity meters, home heating and appliances – so users can minimize costs when appliances are not in use.

And energy suppliers and appliance makers can deliver value-added services that inspire greater consumer loyalty.


One remote control, or many? Satisfaction, or continued frustration?

Today's home entertainment environment is filled with technology, much of it with sophisticated control alternatives that 99% of users have no idea how to setup or use. Complex connections between devices make it difficult to gain full benefit from a coordinated home entertainment system.

Bluetooth low energy wireless solutions changes all that. Starting with complete control over the remote control, and ultimately delivering the satisfaction of full interoperability in the home entertainment environment, Bluetooth low energy wireless solutions can make consumer satisfaction a reality.

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