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Your smartphone is the hub of your life.

Bluetooth® technology allows you to talk wirelessly using a headset paired with your phone, a car hands-free system connected to your phone, or listen to music with a set of Bluetooth wireless stereo headphones.

The growth in smartphones continues to explode. Phones now have the computing power to run applications, while collecting and analyzing information from wireless sensors in new and innovative ways.

Phones now include dual-mode chips supporting Bluetooth Smart and the classic Bluetooth technology in virtually all of today's phones (for compatibility with current Bluetooth devices).

These phones function as "gateway" devices collecting vital medical and fitness information about people from tiny sensors on their body and send it to their doctor or other healthcare provider via the Internet.

The information-gathering role of smartphones isn’t limited to medical devices. Smartphones will also be able to harvest wireless information from sensors in your phone, your car, and many other places.


Proximity Devices

Enjoy added personal security with a wireless sensor that alerts you when you've left your devices, wallet, luggage, etc. behind. Bluetooth enabled proximity devices also work to warn you when your child is about to wander out of sight.

3M Stethoscope

Health & Wellness

Bluetooth technology adds convenience to your health regimen. Wirelessly connect to weight scales, blood pressure monitors, blood sugar monitors, even wireless stethoscopes (pictured). Upload the information to your phone or send to a physician and keep a record of your daily health measurements.

Body Media Fit

Sports & Fitness

Save your workout results easily and efficiently with Bluetooth enabled heart rate monitors (pictured), foot pods, pulse bracelets, shoes and bicycling cadence sensors that pair with your phone. Track your distance, speed, heart rate, sleep patterns or number of steps. See your results in real time on your phone or watch.

Samsung MBW 200


With a Bluetooth enabled watch, you can see caller ID and text message notifications and accept or reject incoming calls—all without touching your phone. Your watch can also help alert you if you accidentally leave your phone behind.

HP Printer


Print your favorite photos straight from your Bluetooth enabled phone with a Bluetooth enabled printer. No wires or PCs required.

Motorola S10HD

Headset & Headphones

Cut the cord and listen to music on your phone or portable music player with a pair of Bluetooth enabled stereo headphones or speakers.

Apple Mac Book Pro

Computers and Tablets

With Bluetooth technology you can easily transfer photos and files wirelessly from your mobile phone to your PC or laptop.



We spend hours commuting or driving in cars. With Bluetooth enabled hands-free calling systems in the car, you can wirelessly access contacts, music and other features on your smartphone.

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