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Fitness Technology on the Move

By Colleen Marble

For some people, the word "exercise" means running to the refrigerator to grab a snack before the commercial ends. If this describes you, stop reading here.

For others, exercise borders on obsession – every activity is measured by distance run, speed attained, weight lifted and calories burned. Sound like you? Then read on.

As any wired (or wireless) fitness buff already knows, Bluetooth® technology makes it easy to listen to your favorite tunes while on the move. Strap your MP3 player to your bicep, put on a pair of wireless headphones and off you go. But just like altering your exercise routine can lead to a new level of fitness, so too can using Bluetooth technology in new ways.

Choose Your Wireless Option

A range of wearable wireless fitness accessories – from shoes to watches to, someday soon, clothing – promises to change how you think about exercise. Seeing numbers trickle in to your online fitness log, hearing a synthesized voice call out your progress or simply knowing that your trainer or doctor will see the numbers might spur you to run a little longer, push a little harder, burn just a few more calories.

Are you into exercise goals? Swap your usual wristwatch for one with a pulse monitor and never miss your target heart rate again. Perhaps fitness for you is as simple as a quiet walk in the woods or the more adventurous activity of geocaching. Wherever and however you trek, get an MP3 player with GPS capabilities, and use Bluetooth technology to track where you are and how far you've come.

For exercise maniacs and aspiring former couch potatoes alike, being fit is an increasingly technical pursuit. And with Bluetooth enabled devices, it's becoming simpler and more productive, too.

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