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​New Bluetooth Products

This directory lists Bluetooth®enabled products qualified by the Bluetooth SIG in the past 30 days. For a comprehensive database of Bluetooth products, visit the Product Directory.

For a sample of the latest Bluetooth products that are especially innovative and interesting, see the Cool & Clever page.

 Newly Qualified Bluetooth Products

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LN-2000 Audio and VisualYw-GoldTone Electronics (SHENZHEN)CO.,LTD03/03/2015
10823700 Audio and VisualShenzhen Maniway Electronics Ltd.03/03/2015
4400D Unique ProductsMaster Lock03/03/2015
4401D Unique ProductsMaster Lock03/03/2015
50486 Input DevicesHama GmbH & Co KG03/03/2015
50487 Input DevicesHama GmbH & Co KG03/03/2015
7054T PhoneTCL Communication Ltd.03/03/2015
7199-45TI Audio and VisualShenzhen Maniway Electronics Ltd.03/03/2015
883 Audio and VisualTarget Australia03/03/2015
Aura bulb Home EnvironmentADATA Technology Co., LTD.03/03/2015
Bluetooth Low Energy TPMS Retrofit Kit/ VS-63W011 AutomotiveCUB ELECPARTS INC.03/03/2015
CS-NX285C-T Unique ProductsPanasonic Corporation03/03/2015
CS-NX285C-W Unique ProductsPanasonic Corporation03/03/2015
CS-NX405C2-T Unique ProductsPanasonic Corporation03/03/2015
CS-NX405C2-W Unique ProductsPanasonic Corporation03/03/2015
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