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Skyrocketing demand for Bluetooth appcessories for latest phones

Virtually all mobile and smartphones already include Bluetooth® technology, allowing them to work with hands-free calling systems in the car, headsets, headphones, wireless speakers, and a huge array of other Bluetooth enabled devices. This vast network of compatible products creates as many opportunities for companies making Bluetooth appcessories as it does for companies making phones.  

The growth in smart phones continues to explode, with research firms expecting two billion phones to be sold by 2018. Computing power in the latest phones run a more diverse set of applications faster than ever thought possible, while collecting and analyzing information from wireless sensors in new and innovative ways.

Forecast for two billion smart phones

According to market research firm ABI Research, nearly two billion smart phones will ship globally by 2018, almost triple the amount for all of 2011, as millions of consumers buy cheaper and faster smartphones.​

There is also a fast-growing demand for phone apps that can capture and process new types of information from Bluetooth sensors. Demand for apps is especially high in sports & fitness and health & wellness. For example, apps that collect workout data from wireless heart-rate monitors, foot pods, cycling computers, and other exercise devices and display it on a phone or PC, upload it to the web, and let consumers share their workouts and results with friends.

The same Bluetooth technology powering the latest wireless sports and fitness devices helps diabetics monitor blood sugar and send the information to healthcare providers, or helps monitor blood pressure and other vital signs from home or anywhere, using small wireless devices. Demand is expanding for both the apps and devices to support these new uses of Bluetooth technology.

Phones becoming Bluetooth Smart Ready

Mobile phoneA big shift took place in 2012, when phones started including dual-mode chips supporting the newest Bluetooth technology and classic Bluetooth technology. By the end of 2013, it will be hard to find a new smartphone that isn’t Bluetooth Smart Ready.

Once consumers realize they have a Bluetooth Smart Ready device, they won't hesitate to buy other Bluetooth Smart devices that work with their phone, such as heart-rate monitors, blood-glucose monitors, other health and fitness devices or even Bluetooth enabled TVs and home entertainment systems.

All of this creates new market opportunities for companies that see the infrastructure for Bluetooth technology and imagine new use cases and types of devices it enables. Now is the time to take advantage of this incredible growth.

Bluetooth technology and its hallmark feature, low energy, enable the creation of tiny new devices and sensors able to operate for months or even years from a coin-cell battery.

This opens the door to an exciting array of new products, especially in the areas of sports & fitness and health & wellness, where shrinking sensors and better battery life will make it easier to add Bluetooth technology to everything from high-tech workout watches to tiny sensors worn or even implanted in a body. Many incredible devices came out including soccer and basketballs, diving sensors, gardening tools and more.

Fast facts about the mobile telephony market

  • By 2018, more than 90 percent of Bluetooth enabled smartphones are expected to be Smart Ready devices
  • The number of Bluetooth enabled passengers cars is expected to grow over 50 million (almost 70 percent of the market) by 2016

How to profit from this market

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