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Millions of devices and counting

There are already more than 40 million Bluetooth® enabled home and professional healthcare devices on the market from leading manufacturers like 3M, A&D, Nonin and Omron. With Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready devices exploding on the market, soon there will be millions more.

Analyst research firm IMS estimates that by 2016, 5.7 million Bluetooth Smart products will be shipped – representing more than 50 percent of all wireless-enabled consumer medical devices. Increasing awareness of the benefits of a healthy, independent lifestyle will create a booming market for devices that permit people to monitor their health in the comfort of their home.

Helping to fuel this proliferation of devices is the growth of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Medical Body Area Networks (MBAN). RPMs are wearable sensors that collect information and send it directly to the doctor.

Expanding array of medical and health device types

Bluetooth technology is the ideal wireless technology for connected health and fitness devices because it’s simple, secure and everywhere. Wireless body sensors offer many benefits like reduced risk of infection, less clinical errors and reduced cost of patient monitoring.

Here are a few examples of the latest medical and health products that Bluetooth SIG members are already making, with a peek at what’s coming next.



With the 3M Littmann® Electronic Stethoscope Model 3200, your physician focuses on listening to your heart while the stethoscope sends your information wirelessly to a PC, laptop or mobile device.

        Glucose Monitor

Glucose Monitors

The iHealth Gluco-Monitoring System measures glucose levels and automatically updates your logbook in the smartphone app, making it easy to share results, manage medication and insulin or track glucose levels anywhere.

        Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeters

The Onyx II wireless pulse oximeter from Nonin lets you monitor your pulse and heart rate by inserting a fingertip into the device, without tethering you to one spot.

       PC and Laptop 

Body Scales

Withings Wireless Scale tracks weight or BMI and instantly updates your smartphone app which allows you to set goals, share your progress with friends or compatible fitness apps.

        Mobile Phone


Update your medical data while on the go. Body sensors, heart monitors, and other wireless devices can automatically sync your data even when you aren't near your computer.

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