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The latest news about Bluetooth products and technology.

We gather these articles from hundreds of news sources, publications, and tech blogs. Click the links below to view a summary of each news item, with a link to the original published article.

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Tech 2
Internet of Things: We will have 38 billion smart devices by 2020

There are already more than two connected or smart devices accessing the web for every person on the planet but this is very much just the beginning.​


CDN Next Gov

The Department of Veterans Affairs is running several new medical technology pilots, including systems that could let patients receive healthcare without leaving their homes or neighborhoods, VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson told an audience in Washington on Friday. ​


3D-printed cast heals broken bones, doubles as Bluetooth speaker

Medical casts are getting a whole lot smarter thanks to the BoomCast, a 3D-printed cast with sensors and electronics onboard to help doctors better track the healing process and provide improved mobility.​


Congress probes Internet of Things privacy, security

A s lawmakers consider how the government should respond to proliferation of new network-enabled devices, industry leaders appeal for a light-touch approach to avoid stifling innovation.<...


O'Reilly: Radar
Bluetooth LE has solved the 50% problem, cracking open the IoT

In this week’s O’Reilly Radar Podcast, O’Reilly’s Mac Slocum chats with Alasdair Allan, an astrophysicist and director at Babilim Light Industries. In their wide-ranging conversation, Allan talks about the data coming out of the New Horizons Pluto flyby, the future of “personal space programs,” and why Bluetooth LE (BLE) is cracking op...


The Verge
KFC's new chicken bucket is also a Bluetooth photo printer

Global poultry syndicate KFC is celebrating its 60th anniversary of operation in Canada, and it's introducing a special new chicken bucket to celebrate. The Memories Bucket is no mere cardboard cutout — it's also a Bluetooth photo printer, one that can interface with your phone and print pictures of your choice. You won't be able to sn...


Electronics Weekly
Making the BBC Micro:bit Bluetooth Smart

Bluetooth Smart is a key element of the Micro:bit, the BBC’s much heralded educational computing device aimed at Year 7 children in the UK. Electronics Weekly talks to Martin Woolley, Bluetooth SIG Technical Program Manager, who led the work around Bluetooth, including creating a specific Micro:bit Bluetooth Profile.


Network World
Security holes in the 3 most popular smart home hubs and Honeywell Tuxedo Touch

A security researcher found zero-day holes in the "brains" of the three most popular smart hubs sold on Amazon. CERT also warned users to update Honeywell Tuxedo Touch controller firmware.​


The Inquirer
CSR-powered Smart Card lets you pay using a smartphone's Bluetooth connection

CSR's 1013 chip is just 0.35mm thick, making it the thinnest Bluetooth 4.1 system on a chip (SoC) available in a 2.4x2.6mm Wafer Level Chip Scale Package.​


IP Watchdog
Patent landscape suggests Bluetooth Low Energy tech has largely untapped potential

​We’ve been checking in from time to time on a sector of technology which is expected to balloon towards 50 billion Internet-connected devices by the middle of the century. The early returns are pretty staggering as the sector has already become a billion dollar business for Qualcomm of San Diego, CA. There’s a growing amount of merger and acquisition activity among chipmakers...


Apple's Strict Bluetooth LE Security Requirements Slowing Rollout of HomeKit Accessories

Apple's attention to detail and focus on security should prove worthwhile for customers, however, and the company has the size and reputation to enforce manufacturers to adopt those high standards. 


Bluetooth smart wireless solution unveiled by Renesas Electronics to accelerate use of embedded devices in IoT applications

Renesas Electronics announced a new wireless solution that supports the Bluetooth® Smart near field wireless communication standard.​


Live Science
Hearing Aids Meet the Future with Bluetooth Tech

The most game-changing wearable device on the market right now may not be a fitness tracker or a smartwatch: It's a hearing aid​


To IoT and beyond: Connecting the Internet of Things with Mesh Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a technological trend that is becoming extremely prevalent in the world we live. ​


Got a smartphone? FIDO and Bluetooth SIG want to use it for online authentication

​Why bother carrying a small authentication dongle when you can use something else that you likely already have with you? That's the question the Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance and Bluetooth SIG ask and answer with a simple solution: Why not just use your phone?

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