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The latest news about Bluetooth products and technology.

We gather these articles from hundreds of news sources, publications, and tech blogs. Click the links below to view a summary of each news item, with a link to the original published article.

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Digital Trends
In 3 years, all your smart-home gadgets may speak Bluetooth

Bluetooth wants to be the sticky, wireless glue that holds your smart 


PC World
Apple takes a greater role in Bluetooth development

The company has been named to a permanent seat on the board of directors for the wireless standard.​


Apple boosts Bluetooth development role as wearables take spotlight

Apple's move into wearable technology and home automation has prompted it to upgrade its membership of the body governing the Bluetooth wireless networking standard.​


Multichannel News
2015 State of the Smart Home Report Reveals Seeing is Believing, Smart Home Mass Adoption to be Led by Familiar Connected Products with Obvious Benefits

New research from Icontrol Networks, the company behind the most widely-distributed connected home platform in the industry, found seeing really is believing when it comes to connected home technology: on average, the likelihood to purchase a smart home device increases by 93% among those who have seen the technology in action.​


SecureID News
Bluetooth Winning with Vegas Hotel Access

The system uses Bluetooth lSmart to enable guests to access elevators and rooms. The Cromwell is also working on a version of the app for Android devices.​


USA Today
AT&T Unveils Six New Wearable Devices

All the new devices AT&T will be selling use Bluetooth to leverage connectivity with smartphones, rather than work independently off the carrier's network without a phone. There are no separate fees beyond the upfront purchase price.​


Stretchy wearable sensors can tell when you're about to get sunburnt

A device the size of a nicotine patch could soon tell when you've spent too long exposed to the sun and need to take a break.


New Electronics
Bluetooth Smart market 'redefined' with single chip solution

In a move which it claims will redefine the single chip Bluetooth Smart market, Nordic Semiconductor has launched the nRF52832, said to be the first in a series of ultra low power multiprotocol radio SoCs. Amongst the target applications for the part are IoT edge nodes and wearable devices. ​

Future is Smart, IoT is Bluetooth

​Bluetooth gadgets showcased a-plenty at this year's 'Future is Smart' event, which is run by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).


Skip the waiter and order with this Bluetooth mat

​Bypass human contact and order directly through the Bluetooth mat. 


HealthIT Analytics
Five Population Health Use Cases for the Internet of Things

Read about the latest trends in the IoT.


Trusted Reviews
9 crazy smart home gadgets you didn’t know existed

Check out BBA winner Oral-B and the smart toothbrush​


Huffington Post
Innovating for Impact: Wearables for Good

As the wearables market grows, it will expand beyond devices aimed mostly at consumers living in developed economies to include products and services that support the needs and aspirations of people around the world living in new and emerging markets or in low-resource geographies.​


Connected doorbells might become the new hot smart home accessory

With big backers like Apple and Comcast, the connected doorbell is poised to become the next “it” gadget for the smart home.​


Tech Times
Apple iOS 9 May Include 'Home' App To Help Manage Your Smart Home

The upcoming iOS 9 may include a new "Home" app that will help users manage their smart homes.​

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