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The latest news about Bluetooth products and technology.

We gather these articles from hundreds of news sources, publications, and tech blogs. Click the links below to view a summary of each news item, with a link to the original published article.

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The MBTA Will Track Riders Using Bluetooth Beacons

In a pilot program announced Friday, Boston's MBTA is going to start tracking public-transit rider movements using beacons.


Selecting a hub for the CNET Smart Home

Wondering how to achieve your large-scale home automation dreams? A hub can help. Here's how we decided which one to stick in the CNET Smart Home.


Achr News
CSR Now Brings Bluetooth Smart Connectivity to HVAC

​The new software release adds sensor and actuator models to build on the original protocol that was designed for lighting control. This makes it possible for developers to deliver a wider range of home automation solutions including control of HVAC, door locks, and window sensors.


Embedded Computing
Bluetooth Smart and ZigBee: If you can't beat them, join them

The home automation industry is evolving into the "smart home" premise, and here, Bluetooth low energy is bucking the trend with its Bluetooth Smart credentials. The overall trend in home automation is to go smart, and one of the key leverages of Bluetooth low energy is that it can be controlled from a smartphone. ZigBee, on the other ...


Electronics Weekly
Bluetooth Europe 2015: Bluetooth Smart for IPv6 in the IoT

He anticipated the increasing use of Bluetooth Smart routers, rather than gateways, as basic building blocks for larger networks. In other words multi-mode Wi-Fi, Ethernet and other protocol devices. He said they were “coming along now” this year, citing technologies such as BlueZ, the Linux-based Bluetooth stack, and OpenWrt, the Linu...


Wilson’s New Smart Basketball Magically Tracks Your Stats

The setup is easy: You pair the ball with an iOS app over Bluetooth (an Android version is coming later), throw the ball about 10 feet in the air with a lot of backspin, let it hit the ground, and the phone shows it as paired up. ​


Does This Smart Lock Mean the End of House Keys Forever?

Bluetooth is such a versatile communications standard, and paired with all the other sensors in a smartphone—like accelerometers that say “I’m moving” and GPS which is accurate to 10 meters—it would seems that we have the technology to turn our Wonder Years-era homes into a Jetsons-like space pad....


Herald Media
Lehi company opening doors with Bluetooth home and business lock

As Hyde passed his Bluetooth ring over the Quicklock Doorlock, there was an audible click. The Safetech door lock looks like a regular deadbolt, but in place of a keyhole, there is a small screen and sensor.


Apple TV supports 'Guitar Hero Live,' 'Disney Infinity' via Bluetooth

Skylanders SuperChargers uses Bluetooth devices and these will work with Apple TV as well, according to Activision.

M2M Now
CSR Aims to Bring Bluetooth Connectivity to HVAC, Security and Other Smart Home Solutions

CSR announced the latest version of its Bluetooth Smart solution for the smart home – CSRmesh® Home Automation.


Mobile Marketing Watch
Silicon Labs Simplifies Bluetooth Smart Design

The new BGM111 module is slated as the first in a growing family of advanced Blue Gecko modules from Silicon Labs.​


Computer World
Wi-Fi challenges Bluetooth for the beacon market

The proximity engagement market just became more competitive. The Wi-Fi Alliance recently unveiled Wi-Fi Aware as an alternative to Bluetooth Smart, the technology behind the Apple iBeacon and Google Eddystone specifications.​

Question: Is Wi-Fi Aware sufficiently ...

Trusted Reviews
How Bluetooth 4.2 will make your home smarter

The Bluetooth 4.2 standard was announced back in December, but it's back in the news with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.


Android Community
Never lose stuff again when you attach Tile Bluetooth tracker

Just a little over two years ago, the Tile Bluetooth tracker was introduced to the market, allowing consumers to keep track of important things like expensive umbrellas, bags, gadgets simply by attaching the tiny device to them. Now the makers believe it’s about time to release a second generation version, with some hardware improvemen...


Smart Home Technology...Speed Bumps?

While more smart home technology keeps rolling out from manufacturers, some of the targeted customers are finding the systems do not always satisfy their expectations or have shortcomings. This was pointed out recently in a Wall Street Journal piece that noted the downsides of the latest smart home systems that control lighting, door l...

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