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The latest news about Bluetooth products and technology.

We gather these articles from hundreds of news sources, publications, and tech blogs. Click the links below to view a summary of each news item, with a link to the original published article.

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Get Ready For The Bluetooth Smart Home

Sure, older technologies like Z-Wave and Zigbee are holding on, and while the dominant home networking technology in Wi-Fi is also taking hold in the modern smart home, Bluetooth is making strides as possibly the most intriguing of all the wireless technologies.


PC Magazine
Bluetooth and the Internet of Things

When I think of Bluetooth, I tend to think about headsets, earphones, and speakers. But at an event this morning representatives of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group and many companies supporting Bluetooth Low Energy and Bluetooth Mesh showed off a wide variety of other devices, from fitness devices to smart lights and appliance con...


NY Times
Qualcomm Makes a $2.5 Billion Bet on Bluetooth

​Qualcomm's deal to buy CSR of Britain for 1.6 billion pound, or $2.5 billion, sends a positive signal to rivals on Bluetooth. The $120  billion market capitalization of Qualcomm, the American chip maker, means the purchase isn't a stretch, though it comes at a high price and an odd time.


International Business Times
'Beacons' Now Pervasive In Retail, Events Despite Privacy Concerns

New Yorkers nervous over the news that advertising beacons were attached to phone booths throughout Manhattan may take some solace in their removal, but questions remain about the small sensors: What are the privacy implications of the technology? How widely are they deployed? Who makes money off them?​<...


Ultrawideband returns from the grave! This time as a location play

Zombie technology UWB returns from the dead in a slightly modified format to offer incredibly granular location within a few inches for the internet of things.​


Now accepting submissions: The 2015 Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards

Bluetooth-powered products now encompass sophisticated smart home, automotive and medical devices, just to name a few. And it's precisely those sort of bleeding-edge wireless gadgets and applications that the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) is seeking to recognize with the 2015 Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards. ​


Green Tech Grid
Zuli and Logitech Team Up to Make Smartphones Into Home Automation Sensors

Zuli’s smartphone-tracking mesh meets Logitech’s universal home automation platform.


Apple TV Is Now Armed And Ready To Be The Hub For The Smart Home

Apple is getting close to rolling out its smart home plans in a big way. The company today pushed out a little noticed update to its set-top box, Apple TV, to make it support HomeKit, according to a person with knowledge of the program. HomeKit is Apple’s protocol for allowing connected home gadgets to connect safely and easily in iOS....


Tech Crunch
Seed Is Creating A Truly Idiot-Proof Internet Of Things

​In the vast panoply of potential home networking protocols, there are only a few worth worrying about. Wi-Fi works well but it can go down and ZigBee and the like are sparsely supported. But Bluetooth Smart is local, secure, and easy to use. And that’s what Seed Labs is using to connect our lamps, our blinds, and even our tea kettles.<...


How Apple HomeKit is Already Changing the Smart Home Industry

Velvetwire had been part of ZigBee, but as soon as the small startup first caught wind of Apple’s HomeKit, the company decided to switch over to Bluetooth low energy.


iBeacon Hack Makes It More Efficient To Wait Tables

It’s still pretty early days for beacon tech, but practical applications for the Bluetooth trigger hardware are set for big growth. A new application for Bluetooth beacons monitors restaurant tables so occupancy can be remotely monitored without staff.


NFC World
Graceland Uses Bluetooth Beacons to Guide Elvis Fans

Graceland, the former home of Elvis Presley and major tourist attraction, offers every visitor an iPad that works with the Bluetooth beacons to guide tourists around the Memphis mansion.


Digital Trends
This is how Bluetooth works, and no, it’s not by magic

Bluetooth silently connects so many of our gadgets together, it’s easy to forget it’s a pretty impressive piece of technology on its own. It helps us listen to music, talk on our phones, and play video games, all without being frustrated by miles of cables strewn around the place. We’re going to explain how the technology behind Blueto...

Bluetooth Asia attracts China's top tech brands

Bluetooth Asia, a two-day event that starts in Shanghai on Tuesday, will for the first time present top domestic brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Li Ning, a move that shows that an increasing number of Chinese tech companies are applying the Bluetooth technology.


Samsung snaps up SmartThings, embracing Internet of Things

The tech giant acquires the open platform for smart home devices to "improve the convenience and services in people's lives."​

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