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The latest news about Bluetooth products and technology.

We gather these articles from hundreds of news sources, publications, and tech blogs. Click the links below to view a summary of each news item, with a link to the original published article.

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MIT Technology Review
Microsoft Researchers Get Wrapped Up in Smart Scarf

In the quest to make wearable electronics useful, researchers take a close look at the neck.


Fujitsu Wearable Will Track Driver Drowsiness, Reduce Accidents - See more at:

The Vehicle ICT FEELythm is the latest product by Fujitsu aimed at making the tech vendor a larger player in the growing wearables and IoT markets.


You Asked: What is Bluetooth

To date, there have been four versions of Bluetooth. The original Bluetooth was primarily designed for streaming data, so you'll find it in a lot of audio devices like streaming audio players, speakers, and wireless headphones. The newest version, Bluetooth 4.0 — also called Bluetooth LE and Bluetooth Smart — is much more power-efficie...


This Smart Thermostat Was Your Favorite Gadget From CES 2015

​Bluetooth SIG members make a splash at CES



CBR looks at 10 IoT products showcased at CES 2015, all focusing on making the home Smart.


Business Insider
The Company Crushing Apple And Samsung In China Has A New Plan To Take Over Your Entire Home

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, which passed both Apple and Samsung to become the most popular smartphone maker in China last year, just announced a new connected home strategy.


Intel’s OIC unveils the IoTivity standard for device discovery

The plan is for IoTivity to sit between the radios such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and the higher level apps the device uses. It’s middleware that aims to make things run smoothly without a lot of user or programmer intervention.


A washer in your washer and smart-home sprawl at CES 2015

On the smart home front, you couldn't turn around without hitting your head on a connected light bulb or some other household gadget equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave, or some other wireless radio.


How Fossil Group and high-end designers will reinvent the smartwatch in 2015

Fossil had one of the first Bluetooth-tethered watches on the market — as far as back seven years ago — but the category never took off for the company.


Apple Emerges As A Promising Internet Of Things Platform At CES 2015

Elgato announced a line of sensors for your home that collect data on air quality, humidity, air pressure, temperature as well as energy and water consumption using Bluetooth wireless technology.


Fox News
Bluetooth pacifiers and smart armchairs: CES' best health tech

But attendees will also see gadgets and devices that monitor your health when you aren't wearing workout clothes, such as an arm chair said to help you get fit while you watch TV, and a Bluetooth-enabled pacifier that lets parents know when baby is running a fever.


The latest CES unveiling: 2015 Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards finalists

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has announced the finalists of its 2015 Bluetooth Breakthrough Awards that applaud the most innovative products and applications developed for the wireless protocol today.​


Hearables - the next big thing in wearable tech

Forget smartwatches and the Google Glass - 2015 may be the year of the ear for wearable technology.​


NFC World
Danish city installs Bluetooth and WiFi sensors to track shopper behaviour

The BlipTrack platform is being used to monitor real-time pedestrian flow, visitor dwell time and movement patterns from the moment they enter an area to when they leave. It can identify the number of people, where and when they shop. It can also be used to monitor the impact of large events such as this month’s annual Christmas market...


Information Week
Wearables In 2015: 4 Predictions

​Smart glasses like Google Glass get put to the test in the enterprise, while smartwatches slowly woo consumers thanks to the Apple Watch.

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