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The latest news about Bluetooth products and technology.

We gather these articles from hundreds of news sources, publications, and tech blogs. Click the links below to view a summary of each news item, with a link to the original published article.

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Mobile Marketing Watch
Silicon Labs Simplifies Bluetooth Smart Design

The new BGM111 module is slated as the first in a growing family of advanced Blue Gecko modules from Silicon Labs.​


Computer World
Wi-Fi challenges Bluetooth for the beacon market

The proximity engagement market just became more competitive. The Wi-Fi Alliance recently unveiled Wi-Fi Aware as an alternative to Bluetooth Smart, the technology behind the Apple iBeacon and Google Eddystone specifications.​

Question: Is Wi-Fi Aware sufficiently ...

Trusted Reviews
How Bluetooth 4.2 will make your home smarter

The Bluetooth 4.2 standard was announced back in December, but it's back in the news with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.


Android Community
Never lose stuff again when you attach Tile Bluetooth tracker

Just a little over two years ago, the Tile Bluetooth tracker was introduced to the market, allowing consumers to keep track of important things like expensive umbrellas, bags, gadgets simply by attaching the tiny device to them. Now the makers believe it’s about time to release a second generation version, with some hardware improvemen...


Smart Home Technology...Speed Bumps?

While more smart home technology keeps rolling out from manufacturers, some of the targeted customers are finding the systems do not always satisfy their expectations or have shortcomings. This was pointed out recently in a Wall Street Journal piece that noted the downsides of the latest smart home systems that control lighting, door l...


Make better cocktails with this LED-covered Bluetooth stick

The idea of using technology to make a better cocktail is hardly new -- companies as big as Google on down to the smallest startups are trying to enable those of us with no mixing skills to make a passible Martini or Manhattan.


Radio Survivor
Bluetooth Is Magic for Podcasts and Internet Radio

Call me late to the party, but I’ve finally fallen in love with Bluetooth audio streaming. At this point most readers should be familiar with Bluetooth, which facilitates pretty easy wireless con...


Critical Flaw IDed In ZigBee Smart Home Devices

Security researchers have identified a critical vulnerability in devices using ZigBee, a wireless standard used for connectivity in multiple Internet of Things and smart home devices — raising the specter of hackers breaking into your smart home and doing what they like with your connected locks, alarm system and even controlling your ...


Wearable Technology Creeps Into The Workplace

It's all part of a trend toward using technology - usually wearable devices like smartglasses, wristbands, smartwatches and badges rather than implantable ones - to monitor employee movements and improve productivity. The promise of data-driven efficiency can be alluring to the board room, but it comes at a cost: the employee's right t...


Target launches Bluetooth beacon pilot program in 50 stores

Bluetooth beacons are already helping London's visually-impaired subway riders navigate the Tubes, now they're going to help shoppers find great deals at their local Target stores.​


Tech 2
Internet of Things: We will have 38 billion smart devices by 2020

There are already more than two connected or smart devices accessing the web for every person on the planet but this is very much just the beginning.​


CDN Next Gov

The Department of Veterans Affairs is running several new medical technology pilots, including systems that could let patients receive healthcare without leaving their homes or neighborhoods, VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson told an audience in Washington on Friday. ​


3D-printed cast heals broken bones, doubles as Bluetooth speaker

Medical casts are getting a whole lot smarter thanks to the BoomCast, a 3D-printed cast with sensors and electronics onboard to help doctors better track the healing process and provide improved mobility.​


Congress probes Internet of Things privacy, security

A s lawmakers consider how the government should respond to proliferation of new network-enabled devices, industry leaders appeal for a light-touch approach to avoid stifling innovation.<...


O'Reilly: Radar
Bluetooth LE has solved the 50% problem, cracking open the IoT

In this week’s O’Reilly Radar Podcast, O’Reilly’s Mac Slocum chats with Alasdair Allan, an astrophysicist and director at Babilim Light Industries. In their wide-ranging conversation, Allan talks about the data coming out of the New Horizons Pluto flyby, the future of “personal space programs,” and why Bluetooth LE (BLE) is cracking op...

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