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The latest news about Bluetooth products and technology.

We gather these articles from hundreds of news sources, publications, and tech blogs. Click the links below to view a summary of each news item, with a link to the original published article.

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The Drum
Bluetooth Smart, Citymapper, Snapchat, TfL and Weve announced as the inaugural MOMAs Judges' Choice Awards

​Bluetooth Smart, among others, was singled out by the judges of Marketing on Mobile Awards (MOMA) as having "a particular resonance over the last 12 months, either for their impact on consumers or for shaking up the mobile marketing sector.


Bluetooth World 2014 Coverage

Read what press and analysts are saying about this year's Bluetooth World event.


Technology Tell
Bluetooth looking to be the key to Internet of Things

Bluetooth is known to most people from the land of their phones. First introduced as a low power way to connect a wireless headset, the protocol soon expanded to stereo headsets, and now to control the internet of things


Bluetooth Wants To Talk Directly To The Internet—And Soon It Will

When it comes to ubiquitous technologies, few can beat Bluetooth. The wireless protocol has sunk its teeth into practically every modern consumer gadget there is. You name it, it’s in there—from phones and fitness tech to TVs, connected home appliances, cars, and so much more.


EE Times
10 Things I Saw at Bluetooth World

Move over Zigbee and 802.15.4, Bluetooth is moving into the Internet of Things and its bringing a few friends. That was the big message I took away from my brief stop at Bluetooth World here.


Information Week
Bluetooth Wants Its Bite Of Big Data

What's the best way for untethered devices, including wearables, beacons, and sensors, to communicate via the Internet of Things? It's doubtful one wireless technology will dominate, but the energy-saving attributes of Bluetooth Smart should make it a major player in data-intensive enterprise and consumer applications.​


IoT Enables $3.88 Trillion in Potential Value to Manufacturers

ARC Advisory Group believes that the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) will offer value across multiple industrial sectors and applications. Cisco expands on this, using the term, "Internet of Everything" (IoE) to describe its vision of bringing people, process, and data together via the Internet of Things. The company predicts that th...


Sunrise Micro Devices wants to become the ARM of radios

Right now the wearables market is hot. But how much hotter could it get if hardware designers had access to a ready-made radio core that consumed less than half the power?


Mobiquity switches on its Bluetooth beacon network covering 100 U.S. malls

Mobiquity has built a beacon network in malls across country touching 15,000 individual storefronts. Now it’s inviting retailers to tap into that network with an SDK.


Boston Globe
A brain connected by Bluetooth to an artificial hand

​Read the story of Bluetooth Breakthrough Award winner - student category, Shiva Nathan, and his articially intelligent robotic arm.


Network World
10 Cool Bluetooth Devices for Your iPhone or Android

​Check out these cool Bluetooth Smart products


Silicon Angle
IoT Gets Interesting with Smart Party Lights, Bluetooth Controller

​This week's Smart Home roundup features smart holiday lights, a Bluetooth Smart solution that focuses on smartphones, and other new products for home automation.


Ring Puts the Finger on Gesture Control

We've already seen rings that unlock doors and mobile devices, show the time, act as a mouse or display notifications from a connected mobile device, but, like the Fin, the Ring from California-b...


NBC News
Smart, but Sexy? Designers Play With Wearable Gadgets

From Google Glass to smart watches, the tech industry is pushing connected clothing and accessories as the next big thing. The problem? Technology is only wearable if people actually want to wear it.​


Three Radios to Rule Them All

​Read more how in the future cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth radio signals will work together to create a communications fabric that handles most digital traffic over the air.

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