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The latest news about Bluetooth products and technology.

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Fast Company
The Shirt-Hat-Bluetooth Combo That Could Transform How We Treat Epilepsy

An app designed to identify and record seizures as they happen, and warn of possible upcoming seizures too.​


The new privacy features put control back into the hands of the consumer by making it difficult for eavesdroppers to track a device through its Bluetooth connection without permission.​


For wearable tech vendors, CES 2015 begins the fight against Apple Watch

What do we expect at 2015's first major tech show? A lot of companies striving to shore up against what's likely to be one of the biggest product launches of the year. That, and a bit of a waiting game, too.​


9 to 5 Mac
Bluetooth 4.2 stops eavesdroppers, increases data transfer speed & brings direct internet access

The SIG points out that the increased privacy will be important as Bluetooth beacons and Apple’s iBeacon experience become standard place in public spaces.


Android Authority
Bluetooth 4.2 introduces internet connectivity, ideal for the Internet of Things

The new Bluetooth 4.2 specification aims to assist small Bluetooth powered devices in easily connecting to the world wide web. This standard could usher in a new wave of cost effective, web ready Internet of Things devices.


Android Headlines
Bluetooth 4.2 will make your connected devices smarter, faster, and more secure

Not such a bad rap for a technology named after a particularly bloodthirsty Viking!


Crazy Engineers
Bluetooth 4.2 Is Meant For Internet Of Things

They're making Bluetooth 4.2 so that it can make the Internet Of Things work.


Developer Tech
Bluetooth 4.2 wants to be "the foundation for the IoT"

As I write this article, there is one technology which is providing a constant link between my smartphone and my smartwatch. Bluetooth's Special Interest Group (SIG) has advanced the standard and its capabilities far-beyond what anyone could have imagined at its conception, but it's not finished yet...


Digital Trends
Bluetooth 4.2 promises a more private and powerful smart home

Bluetooth is finally cutting out the middleman and letting devices connect directly to the Internet without the assistance of Wi-Fi or other technology.


Frontline Desk
SIG Declared Bluetooth 4.2 With Internet Connectivity & Increased Data Transfer Speed

The new privacy gimmicks set control back into the hands of the buyer by making it troublesome for busybodies to track a gadget through its Bluetooth connection without consent. For instance, when shopping in a retail location with beacons, unless you’ve allowed consent for the beacon to captivate with your gadget, you can’t be followe...


Next Version of Bluetooth Will Directly Connect to the Internet

Bluetooth is kind of like Wi-Fi's smart but misunderstood cousin. The word "Bluetooth" conjures images of finance bros yelling into those obnoxious little earpieces more than what the technology actually does, which is connect devices together over short distances. Well, Bluetooth's upcoming 4.2 spec may prove too useful to ignore: Thi...


PC World
Bluetooth 4.2 supercharges smart homes, blocks privacy-bashing Beacons

Why this matters: One of the big problems with home automation today is that each service sells its own proprietary hub for connecting smart light bulbs, switches and sensors. This adds to the cost and complexity of home automation, because users may need multiple hubs to connect all the devices they want. Bluetooth 4.2 should cut down...


Bluetooth 4.2 offers improvements to privacy, speed and power consumption

With the rise of connected devices, smartwatches and more, Bluetooth 4.2 sounds like it ought to be a big improvement to the Bluetooth standard.


Popular Science

The addition of Internet connectivity makes Bluetooth more competitive with Wi-Fi, and allows its advantages to shine through.


Bluetooth 4.2 will get faster, more private

Bluetooth is now in nearly every smartphone and tablet on the market, and with this new specification, the technology can expand before devices are even at the point at which developers have found use-cases.

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