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The latest news about Bluetooth products and technology.

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Bluetooth Asia attracts China's top tech brands

Bluetooth Asia, a two-day event that starts in Shanghai on Tuesday, will for the first time present top domestic brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Li Ning, a move that shows that an increasing number of Chinese tech companies are applying the Bluetooth technology.


Samsung snaps up SmartThings, embracing Internet of Things

The tech giant acquires the open platform for smart home devices to "improve the convenience and services in people's lives."​


Bluetooth v4.1: What developers need to know

After keeping a relatively low profile after its launch as part of the Bluetooth Core Specification v4.0 (Bluetooth v4.0) in 2010, Bluetooth Smart (previously known as Bluetooth low energy) has hit the headlines.​


NFC World
Hillshire sells more sausages with Bluetooth Smart beacons

​A national in-store mobile marketing campaign that used Bluetooth Smart beacons and geofencing technology to drive sales and awareness of American Craft Link Sausages has seen a 20-fold increase in purchase intent.


Retail Gazette
Be ‘Bluetooth Smart’: Using beacons to transform the retail experience

To clarify, “Bluetooth Smart” is a brand name that refers to a class of low energy devices that use the latest Bluetooth specification (version 4.x) for transmitting data wirelessly. A golf-ball sized Bluetooth Smart beacon with a coin-cell battery can operate for several years, due to its highly optimised power consumption. 


Bluetooth-Enabled Device Can Get You On the Grid From Anywhere

A new device that's set to hit the market later this year allows you to use your cell ph...


Arizona Family
New app reminds parents about kids in hot cars

The concept is simple. The Kars4Kids Safety a...


Electronics Weekly
Wearable wireless goes Bluetooth Smart

​Shipments this year for wireless semiconductors in health and fitness will reach a projected 61.2 million units, up 11% from 55 million in 2013, and will increase to 95.78 million units in 2018, says IHS, while shipments  of consumer health and fitness devices with integrated wireless connectivity will grow to an estimated 75.7 million units in 2018, up from 23.0 million unit...


USA Today
The Rise of the Internet of Things

The buzz about the Internet of things really took off earlier this year, when Google acquired smart thermostat and smoke alarm company Nest for $3.2 billion. What else is a member of this new club? Wearable devices like the Fitbit and Nike FuelBand trackers that monitor our physical activity and store that data in the cloud, Google Gla...


Occupy Corporatism
How the Internet of Things Will Track Real-Time Communications

The Internet of Things has been estimated as worth $14.4 trillion over the next 10 years. Verizon is interested in getting in on as much as that predicted profit as possible.


Trusted Reviews
The Internet of Things is more than just smartwatches and thermostats

Smart Bluetooth enabled devices have been exploding on the scene over the past few years, particularly since the advent of the Internet of Things. The invention of low-power Bluetooth 4.0 has enabled gadgets to have a much longer lifespan on battery, a useful feature for mobile or wearable gadgets.


The Wall Street Journal
My Toothbrush Is Smarter Than Yours: Oral-B SmartSeries Bluetooth Toothbrush Review

But this past week I've attempted to brush up my act—or at least my teeth—with Oral-B's SmartSeries Bluetooth toothbrush. Nope, not even the centuries-old toothbrush is safe from smartphone connectivity, thanks to the Internet of Things typhoon that's sweeping through household electronics.


In Five Years, iBeacon/Bluetooth Low Energy Device Market To Reach 60 Million Devices

We’ve been hearing a lot about iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy-powered devices in the retail sector, where stores are beginning to roll out support for beacons in order to better communicate with customers via apps, allowing them to share offers, send alerts, and advertise to consumers. But according to a new report from ABI Research,...


Apple and Google Dominate 'Internet of Things' Influence with Home Automation Efforts

The study reveals an increase of almost 70% in the volume of influential conversations about IoT between late March and early July. Within this time frame there was activity from Intel (which modified their managerial structures to increase IoT focus), Cisco (who made three strategic investments), Zebra (who purchased Motorola’s enterp...


Bluetooth Smart protocol stack for wearable hub networks with wireless sensors

Nordic Semiconductor has launched its most advanced, feature-rich BluetoothSmart protocol stack to date - the S130 SoftDevice - that allows the development of Nordic nRF51 series SoC-based advanced wearable Bluetooth Smart hub network topologies such as smart watches with peripheral wireless sensors that don't always need a smartphone ...

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