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Wireless technology with in-home convenience

Your home is already the heart of your digital world and Bluetooth® wireless technology makes it even more comfortable. New technology and devices make it easy to listen to music, play games, watch TV and keep your family entertained.

Remote Controls

Bluetooth enabled remote controls work from further away than standard remotes, and you don't need to point them directly at your equipment. Many also come with small integrated keyboards (pictured). Watch this video to learn more about pairing a Bluetooth enabled remote control.


Game controllers

Bluetooth enabled gaming devices and video game systems, such as the Wii and PS3 support multiple Bluetooth enabled controllers. Gamers can compete with their friends without the hassle of wires. Using Bluetooth headsets, gamers chat wirelessly while playing and, by using Bluetooth keyboards, easily send multi-player text messages.


Wireless printers

Feeling tied to your desk? Connect and print your documents or your favorite photos straight from your Bluetooth enabled PC, tablets, camera, phone or other devices.



Televisions are no longer one-way picture boxes. TVs connect to the Internet, connect to Bluetooth enabled devices, and stream pictures, movies and music.

Portable Speakers

Live out loud and play your music from any Bluetooth enabled device, anywhere.

Learn why CNET says Bluetooth technology is better at streaming music from iPods or iPhones to portable speakers than Apple's AirPlay feature.

Home Audio

Home Audio

With Bluetooth technology, you can enjoy whole house audio without stringing a cable. Bluetooth enabled speakers, stereo adapters, sound bars and headphones are just some of the ways Bluetooth technology keeps you rocking.

Personal Computer

Computers & Tablets

Wirelessly transfer photos and other information directly from your PC, tablet or laptop to your mobile device, printer, or even to another PC. No need to search for a signal or worry about network connectivity. Into gaming? Connect your devices with Bluetooth technology and enjoy wire-free, multi-player gaming.

Digital Camera

Digital Cameras

Use your Bluetooth enabled digital camera to send your images wirelessly to your mobile device, tablet or PC instantly, anywhere without the inconvenience of cables. Print photos straight from your phone or digital camera without ever struggling to plug-in a wire.

Photo Viewer

Photo Viewers

Display and share your most important photos instantly without memory cards, wire connections or even printing. Send photos digitally to a Bluetooth enabled photo viewer right from your Bluetooth device.

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