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Bluetooth® technology creates huge opportunities in health & wellness

Simple, secure and super-efficient Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready technology is powering millions of health and medical devices, with hundreds of millions more on the way.

Bluetooth technology is the catalyst bringing inexpensive, simple, and secure health-monitoring devices to market, promising to help millions of consumers stay healthy or get well.

Some of the many Bluetooth enabled health and wellness devices already on the market include wireless blood glucose monitors, heart rate monitors, weight scales and stethoscopes. These devices are making it easier to collect vital health information about consumers with a wide variety of medical conditions – even allowing healthcare providers to monitor patients while at home or on the go.

The use of low-power wireless technologies in consumer health monitoring applications will increase from under 40 million IC shipments in 2009 to over 200 million IC shipments in 2015"

-- IMS Research

Shrinking sensors easily and securely collect health information

Medical DeviceThe emergence of Bluetooth Smart devices with low energy technology allows manufacturers to design wireless devices that are extremely small and yet last longer, by shrinking battery size and requiring less power. Consumers can now wear tiny wireless sensors that can operate for months or years with just a coin-cell battery. Bluetooth technology is the conduit allowing inexpensive and super-efficient sensors to securely collect data and send it to an application that turns it into useful and timely information.

These sensors connect to Bluetooth enabled phones, tablets, and laptops. Once the sensor sends the health information to the computerized hub device, it is stored and analyzed. Consumers can view their own health information or securely share their medical information with their healthcare provider.

SmartWatchMany companies are realizing the market potential for Bluetooth technology in healthcare devices.

For example, a smart watch promises to help people with epilepsy by detecting abnormal movements in people prone to seizures. It sends alerts to their phone and from there to their doctor.

This ability to alert health care providers is critical. Millions of people carry a Bluetooth enabled phone almost everywhere they go. People can simply pair their phone with new types of Bluetooth wireless sensors to monitor everything from glucose and oxygen levels to heart rate and electrocardiogram (ECG).

Once these Bluetooth Smart sensors securely send this information to a Bluetooth Smart Ready phone, it can be viewed by the patient, sent to a health care provider, or in certain cases, alert emergency workers.

Fast facts about Bluetooth technology in health and wellness

  • By 2018, ABI Research expects more than 46 million Bluetooth enabled health and medical devices to ship per year
  • The global market for wireless patient-monitoring equipment should reach $9.3 billion by 2014, according to TechNavio.

How to profit from this market

The Bluetooth SIG helps companies like yours benefit from opportunities in the health & wellness market. Get started by joining the Bluetooth SIG community. We have more than 20,000 member companies worldwide making everything from cars and computers to mobile phones and microchips. To learn more, visit our membership page.

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