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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions about Bluetooth® technology and Bluetooth enabled devices

Q:  I have one or more Bluetooth enabled device and I am having trouble getting them to work together. How do I know if they are compatible?

A:  The manufacturers of individual products offer technical support for each of their devices. It is best to contact the device manufacturer directly for technical support. You can visit the Device Advice page to learn more about pairing.

Q:  I'm looking for a list of Bluetooth enabled products.

A:  Our Product Directory contains a list of Bluetooth enabled products organized by category. Our New Products page contains a list of new Bluetooth enabled products approved by the Bluetooth SIG in the past 30 days. You'll find various Bluetooth products highlighted and described throughout the website, including some of the most innovative new products on our Cool & Clever page.

Q:  What types of products use Bluetooth technology? Where can I find them and purchase them?

A:  Manufacturers implement Bluetooth wireless technology into products as diverse as automobiles and medical devices. Devices are available on a worldwide basis with more than 19 million products shipping each week. This website contains a list of products, which while not exhaustive, will provide you with a sense of the many types of products available today.

Individual manufacturers produce Bluetooth enabled products and sold through their own sales channels. For example, you could buy a Bluetooth enabled car at an automotive dealer or a Bluetooth enabled PC at a computer store. The Bluetooth SIG does not make, manufacture or sell products only educates on the technology.

Q:  Where can I find drivers/downloads for my Bluetooth device?

A:  All software upgrades are specific to one or several devices from the same manufacturer. We recommend checking the manufacturer's website and user forums to find any available software downloads for your devices.

Q:  Can I add Bluetooth technology to my devices at home?

A:  There may be adapters available that add some level of Bluetooth functionality to your device. The type of functionality depends on the devices to which you are trying to add Bluetooth technology.

Q:  What are the costs involved with using Bluetooth wireless technology? Do I need to set up an account or use a certain service?

A:  The cost of using Bluetooth wireless technology is limited to the cost of the product. There is no account or service registry related to using Bluetooth technology. However, any use of data or voice services while using your smartphone is part of your regular account charges. You will need to check with your wireless carrier to verify.

Q:  Which wireless carriers sell Bluetooth enabled phones?

A:  Bluetooth phones are available from most major wireless carriers. Due to the rate at which mobile operators change their phone offerings, we are unable to provide an up-to-date list of phones available at each operator worldwide. Please contact your wireless carrier to see if it offers Bluetooth enabled mobile phones.

Q:  What is the difference between Bluetooth wireless technologies and other technologies, such as UWB, 802.11g, 802.11a, 802.11b, WLAN, Wi-Fi, AirPort, Infrared, and ZigBee?

A:  While there are many differences, key among them are range, power consumption, and intended use. Bluetooth wireless technology in its most common implementations has a range of 30 feet (10m). This range, depending on the Bluetooth device class, can extend to 100 meters and has been shown, in some tests, to support an even greater range. Bluetooth technology consumes a low amount of power and is therefore appropriate for mobile and battery-operated devices. The technology provides voice, data, and audio connections between devices. Find out more about the wireless landscape in the Learn section of this website.

Q:  What is Bluetooth technology?

A:  Visit our simple tutorial and learn more.

Q:  What is Bluetooth low energy technology?

A:  Visit the low energy technology section of this website.

Q:  What is Bluetooth high-speed technology?

A:  Visit our High-Speed page.

Q:  I want to sell Bluetooth enabled devices. Can you help?

A:  Individual manufacturers produce Bluetooth enabled products and sell them through the company's own sales channels. To learn more about sales channels for Bluetooth devices contact the individual device manufacturers directly. Visit our member site   to see a full list of licensed members. Companies must obtain a license with the Bluetooth SIG to use the registered trademarks to sell Bluetooth enabled products. You can also visit our member site to learn about Bluetooth SIG membership and become a licensee.

Q:  I want to exchange links with If I link to your website, will you link to my website?

A:  As a trade association, we cannot promote any one specific company or product. Therefore, we cannot cross-link to other sites. If you would like to link to from your website, you are welcome to do so. However, we cannot offer the same service to you.

Q:  I want to buy Bluetooth stock. What is your ticker symbol on the stock exchange?

A:  The Bluetooth SIG is a trade association and not a publicly traded company. However, many of our over 25,000 member companies using Bluetooth wireless technology are publicly traded. Visit our member site  to see a list of Bluetooth SIG members licensed to use Bluetooth wireless technology.

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