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Bluetooth is Everywhere Consumers Turn On, Tune In and Hang Out

These days it's almost hard to find a consumer electronic device—speakers, headsets, TVs and more—that isn't connected using smart, power-efficient Bluetooth technology. Of course, it helps that Bluetooth has nearly ubiquitous support from phone manufacturers and mobile operating system vendors. That makes Bluetooth a developer's dream—they know the consumer products they're building will work seamlessly and power-efficiently with just about any phone or tablet.

Strategy Analytics predicts that global Bluetooth phone sales will grow by 30% over the next six years (through 2020). ~Neil Mawston

So where can consumers find Bluetooth? The majority of devices in the hot-hot wearables and smart-home markets depend on Bluetooth, but don't stop there. Bluetooth is a nearly standard feature for TVs and gaming systems, appliances, and baby and pet monitors. New products include toothbrushes, light bulbs, yoga mats, baseball bats, shoe insoles and lawnmowers. Consumers can even control their own inexpensive personal drone, using the Bluetooth connection from their tablet or smartphone. Almost anything that can make the lives of today's connected consumers more efficient, safe or just plain fun is being enabled by Bluetooth Smart technology.

Mobile phone accessories with Bluetooth availability will continue to be the most-shipped handset smart accessory, with sales increasing by almost 20% over a five-year period from 2014 to 2019. ~Thomas McCourtie, ResearchAnalyst, ABI Research

Bluetooth is the Technology behind Streaming Audio

Bluetooth started as the main technology behind a killer application: streaming audio. Millions of Bluetooth devices stripped away the hassle of wires between music-lovers' headsets and speakers and their phone or PC, delighting consumers with reliable, convenient access to their music anywhere.

Research and Markets forecasts that the global Bluetooth speaker market will grow at a CAGR of 38.73% during the forecast period of 2014 to 2019.

Bluetooth audio continues to rock and roll. Between new products and awareness, consumers have come to prefer small, lightweight Bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones, and they're gaining acceptance in the automotive sector as well, giving drivers an option to more safely take calls on the road.

Bluetooth Smart Brings Innovative New Products to Life

The introduction of ultra-low power Bluetooth Smart and its flexible application development environment is continuing to fuel innovation—and multibillion dollar market sectors across the Internet of Things (IoT). Bluetooth is already embedded in most phones, gaming consoles, tablets, PCs—and soon TVs and set-top boxes—and its interoperability and unparalleled flexibility is making it the de-facto wireless standard of the IoT. That means Bluetooth touches nearly every aspect of consumers' lives.

By 2020, MarketsandMarkets expects the market for Bluetooth Smart to cross 1.2 billion units, up from just 49 million units in 2013.

Looking ahead, Bluetooth continues to be the common thread weaving through the most innovative startups and crowd-funded products. Consumers can count on this powerful technology to keep them in touch and in control.

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