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Keep your eyes on the road and hands
on the wheel

Bluetooth® enabled wireless headsets and hands-free car systems help drivers focus on the road. Today, new versions of these devices are better than ever, with features that ensure a hands-free calling experience through speech recognition, text-to-speech technology, and "speech trigger" capabilities just by speaking a command.


Access and browse your mobile device's phone book from your car's navigation display and make hands-free phone calls. Play music from your phone through your car's speaker system, without cables, adapters, or plugs.

Car Kits

Don't have Bluetooth technology built into your vehicle? No problem. Inexpensive Bluetooth enabled car kits and speakerphones let you talk hands-free in your car even without a built-in hands-free system.

GPS Navigation

Connect to the Internet through a phone and update your "Points of Interest" database and other map data easily, wirelessly. Use the built-in microphone in some Bluetooth enabled GPS devices to talk hands-free on a phone paired with it.

Portable Music Players

Use a Bluetooth adapter to stream music from your iPod or MP3 player to your car's audio system.

Health Monitors

Car displays help people with diabetes monitor their blood-glucose levels by using a Bluetooth glucose-monitoring device paired with the car.

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