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Experience the World of Bluetooth Smart Products

Bluetooth® Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready products represent a quantum leap for Bluetooth technology, allowing billions of previously disconnected devices to join the connected world.

View some of the latest and coolest Smart and Smart Ready products below or visit our Bluetooth Smart Product page to see them all.

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 Bluetooth Smart Ready Products

Apple Announces Tighter Integration with Bluetooth Smart Ready

Apple iPhone iPod  

Apple, the first major operating system to support Bluetooth Smart Ready in early 2012, announced expanded support of the technology by natively supporting more than 15 Bluetooth Smart profiles.

Apple is giving developers more choices, and making it simpler for them to create new applications and products. With native support of key Bluetooth profiles and functionality developers can focus on making a great appcessory for consumers instead of how the application interacts with the OS. Consumers benefit with Bluetooth Smart applications for Apple products that ‘just work.’

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Android Announces Support for Bluetooth Smart Ready

Android Smart ReadyAndroid joined Apple, Microsoft and Blackberry in the Bluetooth Smart Ready revolution. Now smartphones and tablets with a dual-mode Bluetooth v4.0 chip running the latest version of the Android OS are Bluetooth Smart Ready—putting them at the center of consumers’ digital lives.

Android-powered Bluetooth Smart Ready  devices running the latest OS will be compatible with virtually any Bluetooth enabled product—from the keyboards or headphones they already own, to the latest generation of power-efficient Bluetooth Smart appcessories (accessories + companion apps) like Fitbit or the Pebble watch.

With more than three billion Bluetooth devices in the world today and all major mobile OS players (Apple, Android, Microsoft and Blackberry), Bluetooth technology connects to almost anything.

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Windows 8 Delivers Stunning Lineup of Smart Ready PCs and Tablets

Windows 8

Windows 8

What makes Windows 8 better with Bluetooth? Its native integration of Bluetooth 4.0 makes Windows 8 products Bluetooth Smart Ready. Not only can they connect to familiar Bluetooth devices like wireless speakers, keyboards, and mice, but they can also connect to the latest generation of super energy-efficient Bluetooth Smart products. What this means for consumers is the convenience of using secure, reliable Bluetooth connections to transfer data from a heart rate monitor to a fitness application running on their Surface tablet. And that’s just one example. The opportunities are nearly endless and extend to any product running Windows 8.

Samsung Releases Bluetooth Smart Ready Version of its Best-selling GalaxyS

Samsung Galaxy S III Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung is now the world's leading phone maker by sales volume, surpassing Apple and Nokia largely on the strength of its Galaxy S line of ultra-slim, powerful Android smartphones. Now it's releasing the third version in that successful line, the Galaxy S III .

The Galaxy S III is packed with new features and is already drawing rave reviews, like this one  that calls it "fast, powerful and gorgeous." One of the most significant updates to the new model is its status as the first Bluetooth Smart Ready phone in the Galaxy line, with support for Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

This means the Galaxy S III can act a hub device for an ecosystem of Bluetooth Smart devices able to connect, share and distribute information with extremely limited battery consumption.

Apple Expands Line of Smart Ready Devices with New MacBook Pro Laptops

Apple MacBook ProNew Apple MacBook Pro Models

Apple continues to roll out Bluetooth 4.0 across its product line, releasing four new MacBook Pro laptops  that puts them on par with the MacBook Air, Mac mini, iPhone 4S and iPad as Bluetooth Smart Ready devices.

By building its products as Bluetooth Smart Ready, Apple is able to create an ecosystem of devices that can connect, share and distribute information with extremely limited battery consumption. 

New iPad Joins Apple's Growing Lineup of Bluetooth Smart Ready Devices

New Apple iPad

New Apple iPad

The new iPad  is the world's first Bluetooth Smart Ready tablet, giving it the same advanced ability of the iPhone 4S, Mac mini and MacBook Air to connect to today's billions of Bluetooth devices and growing array of low energy Bluetooth Smart devices.

See why CNET calls the addition of Bluetooth v4.0 to the iPad a "game changer." 

As a Bluetooth Smart Ready hub, the new iPad is not only ready to connect to classic Bluetooth devices like mice, keyboards, and wireless speakers, but also to the growing collection of new Bluetooth Smart devices that can run on a tiny battery for up to a year.

Motorola Releases its First Bluetooth Smart Ready Phone

Motorola Droid Razr

Droid RAZR

Motorola resurrected its renowned RAZR phone brand with a new Android smartphone that becomes the company's first Bluetooth Smart Ready device. The new Droid Razr is nothing like the best-selling RAZR phones of a decade ago, however, except for its thinness.

This RAZR has a 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED display, a dual-core processor, a tough, "gorilla glass" screen, and a slim profile of just 7.1mm.

The Droid RAZR  is available from Verizon Wireless.

Apple Releases World's First Bluetooth Smart Ready Computers and Phone

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

The new iPhone 4S may look like the iPhone 4, but it has many important differences inside. One big addition is the use of Bluetooth v4.0. This will allow the new iPhone to wirelessly connect to the next generation of devices coming out later this year with Bluetooth v4.0.

The new iPhone 4S  also features a more advanced camera, the more powerful A5 processor, and many new software features.

Mac miniMac mini

Like the MacBook Air, the new Mac mini also adds ​Bluetooth v4.0, which will allow it to wirelessly connect to the next generation of Bluetooth v4.0 phones and other devices coming out later this year.

The new Mac mini  also features the latest dual-core Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, AMD Radeon HD graphics, and high-speed Thunderbolt I/O technology.

iPhone 4SMacBook Air

The new MacBook Air—Apple's thinnest and lightest notebook—adds Bluetooth v4.0. This will allow it to wirelessly connect to the next generation of mobile phones and many other devices coming out later this year with Bluetooth v4.0.

The new MacBook Air  also features the latest-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors, high-speed Thunderbolt I/O technology, and all-flash storage.

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 Bluetooth Smart products

Garmin GPS Hiking Watch Adds Bluetooth Technology

Garmin fenixGarmin fenix

Garmin has a lot of GPS watches over the years for running, cycling, swimming and even golf. Now it's released a new GPS watch with navigation and tracking features to help hikers find their way through the wilderness.

The Garmin fenix adds Bluetooth technology to let hikers wirelessly share tracks, waypoints, routes and geocaches with their smartphone. The Bluetooth Smart watch includes a new Garmin BaseCamp app for Windows or Mac that lets you view maps, plan routes, and mark waypoints and tracks from your computer and then transfer them to the fenix.

The $400 watch also includes built-in sensors to provide information on heading, elevation and weather changes (barometric pressure and temperature), in addition to GPS for recording distance, pace and routes.

Nike Creates World's First Bluetooth Smart Shoes

Nike+ training shoes

Nike+ Basketball and Training Shoes

When people think of Bluetooth technology, few think of shoes. But that's likely to change as Nike starts selling its new line of Nike+ basketball and training shoes, which feature an embedded Bluetooth Smart sensor in the sole.

The athletic shoe giant is promoting its new Nike Hyperdunk+  basketball shoe, LunarTR1+   men's training shoe and Lunar Hyperworkout+  women's training shoe, which went on sale June 29.

Each shoe has four pressure sensors that gather information from different parts of the foot and send it via Bluetooth wireless technology to an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. A Nike+ Training app on the device displays vertical jump, quickness, calories, "NikeFuel" points and other performance data.

Wahoo Fitness Heart-rate Monitor for the iPhone 4S

Wahoo Fitness heart rate monitorWahoo Blue HR Heart-rate Monitor

This Bluetooth Smart heart-rate monitor from Wahoo Fitness  is designed to connect quickly and easily to the iPhone 4S or any other Bluetooth Smart Ready device, such as a tablet or smartphone. The $79 device connects wirelessly without the need for any adapters, delivering real-time heart rate data through the free Wahoo Fitness App.

Wahoo offers an open API that allows developers to make their apps work with the Wahoo Blue. 

Eventually, Bluetooth Smart heart-rate monitors like this could be used for more than just exercise. As one reviewer from GigaOm wrote , "Imagine doctors that can remotely monitor the pulse of their patients after a procedure or upon starting a new medication."

Polar Releasing First Bluetooth Smart Heart-rate Monitor

Polar H7 heart strapPolar H7 Heart Strap

This Bluetooth Smart device allows you to quickly connect to any Bluetooth Smart Ready device, such as a tablet or smartphone, to store and display heart rate data and other workout statistics.

Polar makes a wide variety of heart rate sensors and fitness watches with sophisticated training features. The Polar H7  is the company's first Bluetooth Smart device, and its second Bluetooth enabled heart-rate monitor.

Casio Ready to Release its First Bluetooth Smart Device

Casio GB-6900 smart watchCasio G-Shock Smart Watch

Casio created its first Bluetooth Smart device—a watch that's able to communicate wirelessly with a Bluetooth Smart Ready phone.

The Casio G-Shock GB-6900 can notify you with a tone or vibration when you receive new calls or emails, and displays a visible alert. This could be especially useful when your phone is stashed in a pocket or purse and set to vibrate instead of ring, according to David Pogue of The New York Times .

The new G-Shock will be available in black, white and red. Because the watch uses Bluetooth low energy technology, it will be able to operate for two years on a single coin-cell battery.

The GB-6900 is out now in Japan, and coming soon to North America and Europe.

Motorola Releases Bluetooth Smart Device for Music, Running and More

Motorola MotoactvMOTOACTV

This tiny new Bluetooth Smart device from Motorola is a sophisticated fitness tracker, smart music player and training system. It lets you listen to music on the optional Motorola SF600 Bluetooth wireless headphones while running or doing other workouts in the gym or outside.

The MOTOACTV includes precision GPS to track your distance and speed, a "smart" music player that learns what songs motivate you the most by tracking your performance against your music, a touchscreen, audio "coaching" on pace and distance, and more.

The MOTOACTV is available with 8GB or 16GB of memory .

Dayton and Nordic Create First Bluetooth Smart Device Heart Strap

Dayton heart-rate strapDayton Heart-rate Strap

Dayton Industrial Co. Ltd created the world's first production-ready heart-rate chest strap that is a Bluetooth Smart device. The strap uses a new Bluetooth v4.0 low energy chip from Nordic Semiconductor.

Users won't need a special matching watch like most heart-rate monitors use today. According to Nordic , the strap can be paired with a phone or other Bluetooth Smart Ready device in seconds, allowing people to display their heart rate on their phone while they work out and analyze it later.

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