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Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready products now available 

This growing list contains the current Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready products available now.

Bluetooth Smart Ready products*

These phones, tablets, PCs, or TVs can connect with both traditional Bluetooth products and super energy-efficient Bluetooth Smart sensors.

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Bluetooth Smart Ready logo 

ManufacturerProduct NameType of Product
AppleiPad (Pro, Air, Mini, 3rd & 4th gen)Tablet
AppleiPhone (6s/Plus, 6/Plus, 5s, 5c, 5 & 4s)Phone
AppleiPod touchPortable Media Player
AppleMacBook AirLaptop
AppleMacBook ProLaptop
AppleMac miniComputer
AppleApple TVSmart TV console
GoogleNexus 5, Nexus 4Phone
GoogleNexus 7Tablet
BlackBerryQ5, Q10Phone
BlackBerryZ3, Z10, Z30, Phone
BlackBerry Passport Phone
BlackBerry P'9982, P'9983 Phone
DISHHopper with SlingDVR
FujitsuLifebook SeriesLaptop Tablet
FujitsuStylistic SeriesLaptop Tablet
HTCButterfly 2, SPhone
HTCDesire (510, 516, 601, 610, 616, 816, 820, eye) Phone
HTCOne Series Phone
HuaweiAscend P7Phone
LGOptimus Exceed 2, Fuel, L35, L40, L65, L70, L80, L90, G, G Pro Phone
LGF60, F70, Realm, Tribute, Volt, VU 3.0Phone
LGG SeriesPhone, Tablet
MotorolaDroid RAZR, Ultra, Maxx, MiniPhone
MotorolaMoto E, G, Luge, XPhone
NECLaVie SeriesLaptop
NECVersaPro SeriesLaptop
NokiaLumia (525, 530, 620, 625, 630, 635, 720, 730, 735, 830, 930, Icon, 1320, 1520, 2520)Phone
PantechVega Secret UP Phone
SamsungAll-In-One PC 700A3DLaptop
SamsungATIV Smart PCLaptop
SamsungGalaxy SeriesPhone
SonyVAIO S SeriesLaptop
SonyXperia SeriesPhone, Tablet

*May vary by service provider or country

Bluetooth Smart products

The next generation of super energy-efficient Bluetooth products that send information to Bluetooth Smart Ready products.

Bluetooth Smart logo 

ManufacturerProduct NameType of Product
Ace Sensor Inc.Pally Smart Health ScaleWeight scale
Ace Sensor Inc.Pally Smart Key FinderProximity sensor
Acon BiotechOn Call Bluetooth AdapterMedial adapter
AdidasMiCoach HRMHear rate monitor
AdidasMiCoach SPEED_CELLSports tracker
AdidasMiCoach X_CELLSports tracker
Adonit Corp.Jot ScriptStylus
Adonit Corp.Jot TouchStylus
Alatech TechnologyCS010, CS009Heart rate monitor
Albers Inc.Item Finder/APP controllerProximity sensor
Alutech Int'l Ltd.W183Heart rate monitor
BAC TrackBT-M5Breathalyzer
BeetsBluBBHRM1Heart rate monitor
Beurer GmbHBF800Body weight scale
Beurer GmbHPM250Heart rate monitor
BiiFitHRM01Heart rate monitor
BiiSafeBiiSafe BuddyProximity sensor
Bluegiga TechnologiesD112USB dongle
Blue BulbChameleonLED light strip
BlueMateBR-101Proximity sensor
Blue LezaBLSFHR01Heart rate monitor
BodyGaugeTMMB-1018BBlood pressure monitor
BuffaloBluetooth Proximity TagProximity sensor
Cardiofitness GbRBrustgurtProximity Device
CasioG-Shock GB-5600B, GB-6900, GB-6900B, GB-X6900Smart watch
CCA Electronic FactoryRT-1201AMobile phone accessory
ChamberlainMyQ Garage door controller
CitizenW760Smart watch
connectBlue OLS425, OLP425 Platform, OLS426Module
ConnecteDevice Cookoo, Cogito, Cogito PopSmart watch
​Connect Scale, LLC​ConnectScale​Fish scale
DaytonHRMHeart rate monitor
Deltron TechnologyiFound KeyProximity sensor
Denso CorporationKFDNXProximity sensor
Deep Freeze LLCBlueTipzIce fishing sensor
EB BrandsSportline SYNC 3015, 3016Heart rate monitor
EB BrandsSportline SYNC GPS 3010, 3011, 3012Heart rate monitor
EchowellBH20Heart rate monitor
EchowellBTR20Cycling sensor
EfilliateSB-01HECamera shutter remote
Elecom Co., LtdM-BT11BBMouse
EvlumaArea MaxLED outdoor light
FBSCF-PLUGPower consumption sensor
Find My Car SmarterFind My Car Smarter systemProximity sensor
Fitbit, Inc.Fitbit OneFitness tracker
Fitbit, Inc.ZipFitness tracker
FitcrewRUN 4.1Treadmill
Fook TinScale Pro SeriesBody scale
GarminFenixGPS hiking watch
GeonauteGeonauteHeart rate monitor
GeoPalziBitzFitness Tracker
GizmoniCA FlashCamera flash
GpulseBLE-HRM-100Heart rate monitor
GunitechL012LED light bulb
Health&LifeBlood Pressure MonitorBlood pressure monitor
Health-O-MeterLose It! Bluetooth Scale Body weight scale
HeliosHelios BarsSmart bicycle bars
HippihHipKeyProximity sensor
HoMedicsBPW-360BT, BPW-360BTSVBlood pressure monitor
HuaweiMediaQRemote control
HuaweiRC310Remote control
HumbleHumbleProximity sensor
Icon FitnessSpeed RingTreadmill remote
Icon FitnessBoston Marathon TreadmillTreadmill
Icon FitnessPro-Form Spinner BikeSpinning bike
iDevices LLCiGrill mini, iGrill v2Food thermometer
iDevices LLCKitchen Thermometer, Kitchen Thermometer mini Food thermometer
IDT Technology LimitedBPU329Blood pressure monitor
IDT Technology LimitedPE126 / PE128Activity monitor
IDT Technology LimitedRA900 / SE900Smart watch
IDT Technology LimitedSZ999Heart rate monitor
iHealth LabGB5L Wireless glucose monitoring system
iHealth LabHS4 Body scale
Improv ElectronicsBoogie Board Sync 9.7eWriter
InfoMotion Sports Technology94Fifty Smart Sensor BasketballBasketball
Isonea Ltd.AirSoneaAsthma monitoring device
iSportC001Heart rate monitor
iSportW227Cycling sensor
Joybien TechnologiesCM101t, KF101t, KF101nProximity sensor
Joybien TechnologiesDC101tGaming appccessory
Joybien TechnologiesES101tRemote power supply
Joybien TechnologiesGS201tBicycle lock/alarm
Joybien TechnologiesLL101tDimmer lamp
Joybien TechnologiesSD101tBroadcaster
Joybien TechnologiesTC101t / TC101nToy car
Joybien TechnologiesTP101tTire pressure sensor
Joybien TechnologiesTH101tToy helicopter
KwiksetKevoDoor lock
Latitude LimitedMapMyRun 3015Heart rate monitor
Latitude LimitedRuntastic TD00290Heart rate monitor
Leica Geosystems AGDisto D510Laser measure
LGOnekeyRemote control
Logitec Corp.BLE Tag LBT-VRU01Mobile phone accessory
LumobackLUMObackPosture sensor
Mad Catz, Inc.R.A.T.MMouse
Mad Catz, Inc.M.O.U.S.9Mouse
MaytelSmart NudgeProximity sensor
MaytronicsDolphinPool cleaner
Meso International GmbHBikeLoggerCycling sensor
Mobile Action TechnologyHRM-10Heart rate monitor
Mobile MindsPebbleHeart rate monitor
Mobility Holdings, LtdBioLogicHeart rate monitor
MotorolaMOTOACTVFitness tracker
National ElectronicsBluetooth 4.0 Chest StrapHeart rate monitor
Newgen Medicals NC-4924-675Medical monitor
Newgen Medicals NC-5666Body scale
NikeHyperdunk+, Wearable tech
NikeLunarTR1+, Lunar Hyperworkout+Wearable tech
Nonin Medical Inc.3230Finger pulse oximeter
OmronWalk ScanPosture Sensor
Oral-BSmart SeriesToothbrush
Orb Information TechnologyVoyagerBlue24Proximity sensor
Organix Concept Ltd.PR091Fitness tracker
Ozaki Worldwide Ltd.Fat Burn Fitness tracker
Pafers Tech Co., Ltd.HR-KITHeart rate monitor
PanasonicGT-1830Blood glucose monitor
ParrotFlower PowerPlant monitor
Pear SportsPear MobileHeart rate monitor
Pebble Smart KeeperPK-01Proximity sensor
PolarH7Heart rate monitor
PolarLoopFitness tracker
PolarY8Stride sensor
PrestigioSmart Blood Pressure MonitorBlood pressure monitor
PrestigioSmart Scale SeriesBody weight scale
QL LondonWootchChild proximity sensor
ReelSonar InciBobberFish finder
RevogiBluetooth BulbLight bulb
RuntasticHeart rate monitor chest strapHeart rate monitor
RuntasticLibraBody scale
Salutica Allied SolutionsFOBOProximity device
SalutronC SeriesFitness watch
SalutronHRM Chest StrapHeart rate monitor
SamicoKMR930Remote control
SamicoSA-B58, SA-B59Blood pressure monitor
SamicoSA-B89Body Scale
Satellite ElectronicsFan LightCeiling Fan Remote
​SCLAK s.r.l.​SCLAK​Door lock
Semilink Inc.Satechi SD-100, SB-01, SB-01MCamera shutter remote
Semilink Inc.Yes Pen LeashStylus
ScoscheBLCSHeart rate monitor
Shenzhen Easy-all Electronic DevelopmentF1Anti-loss alarm
SmartLightL8 SmartLightNotification device
Sports Beat, Inc.BodyFit Heart rate monitor
S-Power Electronics Ltd.TAPianoGame controller
StabilaStabilaMeasuring tool
Swirl NetworksSwirlBeacon
Techsport Ltd.SHR-01Heart rate sensor
Ten One DesignPogo ConnectStylus
TileTileProximity sensor
tinyFindertinyFinderProximity sensor
TomTom8RS00Fitness GPS watch
TranstekVS-3200-W, LS101-BBody Scale
Truly HealthcareArm Blood Pressure MonitorBlood pressure monitor
Truly HealthcareTET-350, TET-351Thermometer
Under ArmourArmour39Sports tracker
WahooBlue HRHeart rate monitor
WahooBlue SCCycling sensor
WahooKICKRBike trainer
WahooKineticSports tracker
WeartechGow TrainerHeart rate monitor
WiTscaleModel S1Body scale
WithingsSmart Body Analyzer WS-50Fitness tracker
VencerVK-2000, 6300833Proximity sensor
VitagoodsBP MonitorBlood pressure monitor
WalkingSpreeInspireFitness tracker
WhistleWhistlePet activity tracker
ZaggCaliber AdvantageGame controller
60beat60beat BLUEHeart rate monitor

For photos and descriptions of the most prominent Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready products, visit our Bluetooth Smart Devices overview page.

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